.asia Flash Sale!


Save on the registration fees by registering your .asia with us from July 11, through July 20, 2017. Get your .asia at just $2.90 and it is applied to new first year creation, and is based on rebate basic.

Make your website Asia-Friendly instantly
If you are from America, Europe or elsewhere, looking to market into Asia, a .asia domain name instantly turns your brand into an Asia friendly name.

Improve SEO, relevance and presence
.asia domain naturally improves SEO for users around the world searching for Asian information.

Do good with every .asia domain registration
Every .asia registration helps fund community work in Asia. These include initiatives such as: One Laptop Per Child (www.OLPC.asia), NetMission (www.NetMission.asia), the Information Society Innovations Fund (www.ISIF.asia) and many other meaningful initiatives that promote Internet development and adoption across Asia.

Quickly register your .asia now to enjoy all the benefits above. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to [email protected].

*Terms and conditions apply.

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