Reduce your IT burden with Plug-ins

Parallels Business Automation

Parallels Business Automation’s plug-in modules ease your IT burden by providing you with prepackaged solutions for worldwide domain registration, payment processing, and fraud screening. These plug-ins offer you choice, speed to market, and freedom from the constant updates required with manual integration of third-party service plug-ins.

Parallels Operations Automation has a similar concept with modules that make service provisioning and management easier.  The standard business and service logic has been instantiated and seamlessly integrated with various components of POA, such as resource management, user provisioning and user interface design.

Keep The Focus on Your Business With Parallels Plug-ins

Our plug-and-play solutions will enable you and your resellers to focus on serving your customers—not writing code.
And with the flexibility that’s built into each of the modules, you’ll be able to set them up to work in whichever way best meets your business needs.

  • Fraud Screening

    This comprehensive fraud-screening system automatically monitors both online and offline transactions, integrating the results into your workflow process. Depending on the results of the fraud check, you can choose to approve orders (either automatically or manually) or reject them. The fraud-screening plug-in saves you time and money by catching fraudulent transactions in advance — before you accept an order and implement the associated services. If you have existing fraud checks, you can easily integrate them with this module. You can also write your own custom plug-ins using the Parallels Business Automation API. << Read Related Article

  • Payment Gateways

    Providers and resellers can setup and configure a customized set of credit card payments plug-ins, allowing use of multiple merchant accounts for different types of payment methods. Credit card processing can be flexibly configured to perform different types of transactions (pre-auth, sale, void sale) before or after the service provisioning. << Read Related Article

  • Domain Modules

    Parallels Operations Automation is a customized datacenter solution for datacenter owners who want to improve average revenue per customer, increase customer satisfaction, and improve sales conversion rates. The cost of the system depends upon the number of services offered as well as the amount of customization and integration with existing systems.<< Read Related Article

  • Payment Processors

    This customized set of credit card payment plug-ins allows for multiple merchant accounts and a variety of payment methods. You can configure them to perform different types of transactions (such as preauthorization, sale, and voided sale), both before and after provisioning a service.<< Read Related Article

  • Domain Registration

    The domain registration module is a plug-and-play solution that supports domain registrars worldwide. << Read Related Article