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Sharing is the soul of blogging. It’s the simple act that turns the things we make into the story we tell. We share our passions. Our experiences. Our opinions and advice and expertise. And now, finally, there’s a dedicated platform for all the ways—and all the reasons—we share.

Make it yours
You don’t have to compromise for an available web address or try to build your blog on rented real estate. Get name you want in a brand-new space that’s all yours.

Own your first impression
.Blog is eye-catching, descriptive and instantly let’s know people exactly what to expect: content that’s exciting, creative, and unique.

Invest in yourself
Frequently updated blog content is the most effective way to attract new users who share your interests. Unlike social media, it doesn’t decay over time—and you own the traffic you generate.

Expand your influence
Put your content on the same level as major publishers, news outlets and companies with an address that’s easy to search, share and remember.

Start the conversation
Whether you’re a person or a brand, .blog gives you a dedicated space to shape your digital identity, establish your expertise and tap into passionate communities.

Blogs have grown from simple online diaries into the content that fuels the Internet. But no matter what you create – or why you create it – own what you create by putting it on your domain. It’s time to be heard. It’s time to stop compromising. It’s time to own your online presence. Get your .blog now at just $11.90. Promotion ends on 28 February 2018. Join the blogging evolution today.

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