Building .Buzz: How Bill Doshier Wound Up Running His Own Domain Registry and Why He Believes in New gTLDs

Hundreds of new domain extensions have been introduced over the past year with most of them scooped up by well-funded corporate entities. alone operates more than 150 new gTLDs and plans to add dozens more. Still, if you look closely enough you can spot an occasional David among the Goliaths like Donuts, Uniregistry, Minds+Machines, Rightside, Radix and even bigger behemoths like Google and Amazon.

One of those Davids who operates just one new TLD registry is actually a Bill – a self-described Arkansas born and bred country boy named Bill Doshier to be exact. Already hailed as one of the nicest guys in the business, Doshier has a daunting task ahead making his .buzz TLD as popular with the general public as he is among his fellow domain entrepreneurs.

So just who is this new kid on the block that is going head to head with a lot of guys who have been in this industry before it was even an industry? And why does he think he can weave his way through the highly competitive new gTLD minefield, armed with just a single TLD, without getting squashed in the battle for attention by the big boys and their blitzkrieg of new names to the right of the dot? Read full article here

Sources by: Ron Jackson, DNJournal

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