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Create .buzz Online And Excite Your Audience

One of the most effective marketing methods that any business can use is to create buzz online to make their audience feel more engaged. This gives the business an identity and excites the audience with its services and products. Generating buzz is a great way to share news about a business, and build awareness. A .buzz domain is the right choice for any business looking to generate buzz online.

The main benefit for a business to generate buzz online is to help spread word and awareness for the business. Buzz creates an exciting and interesting sensation, and customers become more engaged to help spread word for the business. This increases awareness and it is important for any business as it is a sign your business is known to people. Generating buzz online is also a great way for a business to do community outreach and as a result, increases its popularity among its customers. When customers like a business, there is a higher chance
that they will recommend it to their friends, family, and peers. When a business successfully creates a buzz online, it brings a lot of awareness, and that is why a .buzz domain is recommended for businesses hoping to generate buzz online.

WebNIC is now offering a promotion on .buzz domain. From 1 October 2019 to 31 December 2019, get .buzz for $0.70! This is the perfect opportunity to push .buzz to your customers! Help them generate buzz and achieve better success with .buzz domain! For more information, please contact [email protected]

Showcase Creative Works and Stand Out With .design

Designers and creative professionals can now stand out more on the Internet with .design. Using .design helps their designs and portfolio to catch attention on the Internet. With .design, audience can almost instantly know they are a creative person, and becomes curious to explore their portfolio. It feels pleasant to look at beautiful designs, and what better way is there to attract audience than having a .design domain?

It is important for designers and creative professionals to showcase their portfolio, because their portfolio conveys their personalities and speaks out who they are. A beautiful portfolio combined with a .design, it is the perfect combination to attract audience to view their designs! .design is the perfect domain that gives designers the opportunity to show their very best. It also helps in their branding, and gives other people more confidence and persuasion. It brings personal branding to a new level, and their .design domain will be a part of who they are. There is no perfection in designs, but there is one perfection you can help designers and creative professionals to add on to their portfolio, and that is to help them to showcase their designs and creative works with .design! In case you do not know, WebNIC is now running a promotion for .design. You can get your hands on .design at a slashed price of $13.99, instead of the normal $47! Get in touch with us now to learn more details! Terms and conditions apply.

Share, Collaborate and Learn With .wiki

When one comes across .wiki, learning new stuffs comes into mind. It is not just limited to learning knowledge, it can be learning new crafts, new skills, new how-tos, or it can even be learning about pop culture such as movies, games, TV dramas etc. It is now a general consensus that .wiki is synonymous to sharing knowledge, collaborating and learning. It brings people with similar interests together, and acts as a uniting force for them. It is fit for a website where users work with each other and collaboratively modify contents and navigation directly, in order to provide accurate information and knowledge to help each other out.

.wiki is strongly associated with Wikipedia, one of the world’s most well-known website. This gives an advantage to websites using .wiki, positioning themselves as an authority. This is perfect for users who want to associate themselves with learning, collaboration and academic authority. In conclusion, .wiki is perfect for collaboration on informational websites and acts as an invitation to seek and share information. It helps users to contribute and learn knowledge from each other and makes collaboration easier. WebNIC is now offering .wiki promotion! For a limited time, get .wiki at a discount price of $13.99, instead of the normal $27! Contact us immediately to learn more about the promotion! Terms and conditions apply.

Leave a Mark Online With .ink

It is the perfect opportunity now to sell .ink domain to a diverse group of artists like writers, painters, calligraphers, tattooists and more. Help them make a mark on the vast Internet landscape with .ink, just the same way they are making their marks with ink in the real physical world. Ink plays a huge role for these creative professionals as they use it to evoke their own unique personalities and to stand out in a unique way. .ink is the right choice for creative professionals who are looking for ways to fuse creativity into their online presence. This is true in a sense that a URL or email address ending in .ink will score a better impression with viewers.

Although .ink is being used mainly by the ink and printing industries, many other creatives and artists are also enjoying the free association of ink with creativity. The printing industry has a natural affinity with .ink, while creative professionals of all types, even if not using ink, still enjoy the unique relationship between ink and creativity. It can be said that .ink is a great choice for artists and creative professionals to showcase their uniqueness and passion for beauty. Invite your creative customers to be a part of the .ink community to evoke their unique styles and personalities! For your information, WebNIC is offering .ink promotion for a limited time! Get .ink now for $13.99! Terms and conditions apply.

.SG Buy One Get One Free Promotion

Now, with every registration of 3rd Level .SG or CDN.SG, you will get a .sg FREELogin to Webnic Partner Control Panel now, but if you are not a WebNIC Premier Partner yet, you can simply sign-up here to start enjoying buying Domains at wholesale price.

Terms and Conditions:

.org Unites People For a Common Cause

When .org was created in 1984, it was one of the many “ancestors” in the Internet world, along with .com, .net, .gov, .edu and .mil. It is one of the few earliest generic Top Level Domains (gTLDs) available and open for the public to register. With a timespan of more than 35 years, .org has established itself as a trusted and credible gTLD. It is the top choice for organizations dedicated to serve the public interest. Many renowned non-profit organizations have registered their domains using .org, which instills a feeling of trustworthiness and a reputable image. Non-profit organizations such as the American Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, United Nations, PETA, WWF etc. all have their websites with the .org domain. It unites people who share a common public interest, who are working hard together to make the world a better place. .org is the place where organizations and people come together, sharing the common desire to do good for the world.

Today, with more than 10.4 million .org domains around the globe, it is ranked the third largest TLD and represents trust for many Internet users. .org is suitable for a wide range of community organization categories such as social, arts, sports, health, medical, education, religion and more. It fits your customers’ needs to build a thriving online community serving a good cause, regardless of the topic or purpose. Therefore, WebNIC is here to help you in assisting your customers with building more such online communities to make the world a better place for those in needs. .org is the perfect fit for these online communities and WebNIC is offering discount on .org! This promotion will start from 1 August 2019 to 30 September 2019. Price for .org starts only from $8.49! Email us: [email protected] now to learn more and take the opportunity to get .org at a cheaper price. Terms and conditions apply.

Register .best at $1.99 only!

Everyone is striving for the best today. Hence, no matter what type of best products or best services a company is providing, .best will be the perfect choice of top-level domains for their businesses. .best provides the best unique identity for business to stand out from the crowds. By owning a .best domain helps informing that a company is providing greatest quality of products, services with the lowest price, publishing the most interesting blogs every day and etc. As people always look for the best, register .best can increase the exposure of the best quality of business to everyone!

WebNIC is now providing the best chance for you to reserve the .best domain for your clients at the lowest price! From 6th August to 31st December 2019, the wholesale registration price for first year of new .best registration will be at $1.99. Grab .best domain with WebNIC now before it is registered! Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for further information.

Make It Happen And Be Seen Online With .icu

Make yourself be seen for the things you do with .icu, I See You! What is .icu? It is one of the most popular new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), launched just over a year ago by Luxembourg based domain registry, ShortDot SA. .icu’s popularity can be seen because there are more than 100 registrars from more than 30 countries around the world which have signed up to distribute .icu. Up to July 2019, .icu domain is the sixth largest new domain in terms of registration counts and has been registered for more than a million times. This is an incredible achievement in just a timespan of over a year!

Why .icu? It is short, with only three distinct letters, which ensures a long-lasting impression for your visitors. In addition, .icu is easy and memorable, easily understood and identifiable by people from around the world. Another strong point of .icu is that it is universal and suitable to use for any industry, in any location, in any language, giving users a powerful flexibility to use their domain anywhere. .icu is perfect for small businesses and start-ups, helping business owners to build confidence, perseverance and fulfilment in what they do. It gives business owners a sense of “I See You”, empowering them to believe in what they do to make great things happen! .icu also conveys an interactive message to your visitors, giving them a sense of belonging in what you do.

WebNIC is honored to be the largest registrar for .icu, and we would like to thank all of our partners! It is impossible for us to achieve this without your help, and the journey is nothing short of amazing! Working with all of you is a huge pleasure and as such, .icu is now ON SALE as a token of gratitude to all our partners who worked hard with us in this journey! You can now get your hands on .icu with just $0.99! Promotion is live now, valid until 31 December 2019! Let’s push hard together and bring .icu to a new height of success! Email [email protected] now to learn more. Terms and conditions apply.

.taipei Half Price Sale

Taipei is one of the most visited cities in the world. It is famous with the street-food scene and many night markets such as Shilin market, Raohe Night Market, Ningxia Night Market and others. .taipei is the first city top-level domain which authorized by ICANN in Taiwan. Anyone can register .taipei for their own business regardless types of products and services. .taipei is suitable for all kinds of activities, people, events and organizations related to Taipei. A .taipei domain allows people to remember the business easily because it is intuitive and memorable.

Are your clients planning to expand their business to Taipei? Is their businesses closely related to Taipei culture? WebNIC is now offering .taipei with ONLY $10! Enjoy 50% discount on all .taipei first year registration with terms and conditions apply. Hurry up to promote .taipei to your clients before it’s grabbed by others. Promotion starts from 1st July to 31st December 2019!  Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for further information.

Build a Powerful Brand Online With .me

A great way to bridge the gap between brands and customers is to use the .me domain for an online presence. The word “me” signifies a touch of personalization and allows a business to communicate a message that feels personal. In this age of customization and personalization, .me is the right fit for any businesses which are still searching for the best domain for their online presence. A business can also take advantage of the unique sense of .me and use a call- to-action in its domain to humanize business. It is an opportunity to showcase a business’s dedication to delivering the best personalized experience to its customers. The URL is usually a business’s first point of contact with customers. By using a powerful call-to-action, combined with a .me in the URL, it will turn heads and help the business stand out among others.

.me is also perfect for businesses that value the safety and security of their online websites. It is a standard policy that .me domains are checked for abuse daily. The registry behind .me has made it their priority to ensure the safety and security of .me domain owners. An anti- abuse team has been established specifically to do this. Therefore, .me is indeed the right choice for any businesses! As .me is such a quality domain, WebNIC would like to help you, our valued partners, to increase the sales of .me domain, thus offering you a promotion price for .me! For a limited time, price for .me is now $14.90 only! Save on .me domain and improve sales! For more information, email us at [email protected] Terms and conditions apply.

Do you think it is very cool when you heard about .xyz for the first time? .xyz is designed to connect with generations X, Y and Z around the world. As we all know, generations in this era is surrounded by technologies products every day. Internet can be considered as one of the “basic” needs for humans other than food, water, air and shelter. .xyz is able to connect business and service with generations X, Y and Z easily as it is one of the most popular used extensions in the market currently. .xyz is a bold and fresh choice for whom are crave, creative and versatile in a domain. Anyone can use .xyz for his or her blogs, businesses or services of any size or industry. .xyz domains are affordable, instantly recognizable and easily adaptable.


Now, WebNIC is providing a great chance for your clients to register their company with .xyz at the lowest price! From 1th August to 31st December 2019, the wholesale registration price for each new .xyz registration will be at $0.99 (only for the 1st year registration). .xyz always connect your clients with generations X,Y and Z easily. Grab .xyz domain for your clients with WebNIC now before it is registered! Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for further information.