Domain Renewal

What is the renewal term(s) available for the domain suffixes?

Top Level Domain Renewal Term(s)

.com/.net /.org/.biz/.info/.name

.在线/.中文网/all new gTLDs

.asia/ 1-10
.pk 2-10
.hk/香港 1,2,3,5
.ph/.lk/ 1,2,5,10
.af/.my/.sb/.tl 1-5
.sg 1-2 1
.mn 1-9
.id 1-3
.ca/ 1-10
.me 2-10
.ki 1-4
.ae/.co/.fm/.gs/.ht/.mu/.nf/.tr/ 1-5
.ar/.br/.ch/.de/.it/.li/.pe/.ru 1
.ag/.bz/.hn/.lc/.sc/.vc 1-9
.im 1,2,5,10
.ro 2
.nz 1
.au 2
.cx 1-10
.cd/.cm 1-5
.co/.mx 1-5

*IDN = Internationalized Domain Name

Exceptional Case:
For example, I wish to renew domain name on 2007-02-02 where the expiration date of the domain is on 2007-03-15. Domain still have remaining registration year of 1 month and 13 days, therefore, the maximum renewal year for domain is 9 years instead of 10 years.

How do I renew the domain name in my partner account?

Partners may follow the below steps to renew the domain name:

  • Login to Partner Central;
  • Under Domain Manager section
  • Click on Quick Start Wizard;
  • Under RENEWAL category, select the particular domain suffix;
  • Enter the domain name and follow the steps to renew the domain name
Domain Renewal Procedure
As the domain renewal is a manual process and it required 3 – 5 business days to process, therefore, partners are advised to submit the renewal request 5 days before the domain expire to preventfrom the domain name to be expired.
.tw If partners did not renew the domain name before its expiry date, Domain will be suspended and fallen into 30 days of renewal grace period. Domain will be straightly deleted approximately 33 days fromthe expiry date if there has no renewal been performed and it will be released for public re-registration.

.mm .mm domain require to renew 7 days before expired date, due to it is a manual renew process, partner is advise to perform renewal earlier than required days.

Can I delete or reverse a renewal that I have done and get the refund?

No, registries do not allow a renewal that has been done to be deleted and reversed.

When I should renew the domain name in my partner account?

Partners are encouraged to advise the client’s renew their domain name before the domain expire to avoid suspension of the domain. Please refer to Question 7 for the renewal grace period of respective suffix.

How long does it takes for an expired domain to work again after renewal?

After expired, domain name will be taken out fromDNS and therefore website will not work properly. After renewed, it will take 24-48 hours for the domain to work again.

What is the grace period for domain name renewal?

TLD Renewal Grace
Period (Days)
.com/.net /.org/.biz/.info/.name 40

.wtf/.zone/.在线/.中文网/all new gTLDs


No renewal grace period
.asia/.mobi/.tel/.travel/.tv/ 40
.cc/中国/.公司/.网络/ 40
.in [Registered under our provider before 23rd April 2009] 5
.bd/.id/.kr/.my/.pk/.tw/台灣/ 30
.hk/香港/.sg 29
.th 25 No renewal grace period
.lk/ 90
.tm/ 85
.vn 19
.af/.tl/.sb/ 1
.ag/.bz/.co/.it/.lc/.me/.us/ 40
.eu 28 No renewal grace period
.gs/.ht/.ki/.nf 1
.hn 5
.tr 90
.im/.ru/.ws/ 30
.ch 13
.sc/.vc 3
.au/.nz/ 30
.cx 3
.cd 30
.cm 1
.mx 40

*IDN = Internationalized Domain Name

What will happen if I did not renew the domain names in my partner account before the expiry date or during the renewal grace period?

If partners did not renew the domain name before the expiry date or during the renewal grace period, it will drop into Redemption Period (RGP), partners are require to paid for the restoration fee and one year renewal in order to get back the domain.

For further details, please refer to “Domain Restoration” FAQ

What will happen if the domain suffixes do not have Redemption Grace Period (RGP)?

If a domain name does not have RGP, the domain will release for public re-registration after the respective renewal grace period.