Exclusive Promotion on New gTLDs


We are pleased to announce the exclusive sales agreement with following extensions by Donuts Inc. The agreement means that you will be able to register existing Donuts Inc extensions with a lower price. You may refer to the below table for clearer vision on the registration fee.

However, registry has set the maximum retail pricing which partners are obligated to comply with. If you offer registrations in a currency other than US dollars, the retail pricing must be a currency equivalent at or below the Maximum Retail Pricing valued as of 5 April 2017. Promotion starts from 5 April 2017 until 30 April 2017. We reserve the right to charge the shortfall of there is any violation of the above rules.

New Registration Fees in USD
Maximum Retail Pricing in USD
accountants, agency, life, reisen, schule, services, technology, today, world
associates, bargains, bike, business, camera, cash, center, city, coffee, company, construction, cool, coupons, credit, directory, email, equipment, exposed, express, fail, football, fund, fyi, gold, graphics, gripe, group, institute, international, lighting, ltd, management, mba, network, photography, pictures, place, properties, report, run, soccer, solutions, supplies, supply, systems, team, tools, viajes, works, zone
academy, apartments, bingo, boutique, builders, cab, cafe, camp, capital, cards, care, careers, catering, chat, cheap, church, claims, cleaning, clinic, clothing, coach, codes, community, computer, condos, contractors, cruises, dating, deals, delivery, dental, diamonds, digital, direct, discount, dog, domains, education, energy,engineering, enterprises, estate, events, exchange, expert, farm, finance, financial, fish, fitness, flights, florist, foundation, furniture, gallery, gifts, glass, gmbh, golf, gratis, guide, guru, hockey, holdings, holiday, house, immo, industries, insure, investments, jewelry, kitchen, land, lease, legal, limited, limo, loans, maison, marketing, media, memorial, money, partners, parts, photos, pizza, plumbing, plus, productions, recipes, rentals, repair, restaurant, salon, sarl, school, shoes, show, singles, solar, style, support, surgery, tax, taxi, tennis, theater, tienda, tips, tires, tours, town, toys, training, university, vacations, ventures, villas, vin, vision, voyage, watch, wine, wtf

For clarity, if a qualifying domain is registered for more than one (1) year, you will only be entitled on the first year of registration; any subsequent years will be charged at the normal price. Transfers and renewals are not entitled for the promotion. This promotion is excluded ALL Premium and Reserved domains.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to [email protected].

*Terms and conditions apply

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