Facts about web security that you didn’t know about

Facts about web security that you didn’t know about 1

Amidst recent headline-grabbing website hacks big corporations and individual website owners alike are still in a state of ignorance about the need for a web security solution for their website. Think that hackers will only break into the website of big corporations? Think again.

Here are some statistics that every website owner must know:

1. A total of 99% of website attacks occur in blogs, small businesses and non-profits.
2. A brand value will decline by as much as 30% after a web security breach.
3. A total of 30,000 websites are compromised every day.
4. As many as 29% of the web runs on WordPress, Joomla! or Drupal that requires constant updates and 80% of those are outdated.
5. 44% of small business experienced a hack in the year prior. Losing as many as 65% of their customers.

If you are wondering how often hackers attack a site, here are more statistics for you:

1. The average information website deals with 22 attacks per day and up to 8000 attacks a year.
2. As many as 60% of websites that have been infected will be hacked again within 3 months of the initial attack.

These alarming statistics indicate that hackers do not discriminate when it comes to attacking a website. More often than not it is the Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) who are more vulnerable to such attacks since most are too busy to think about security in depth or lack the resources to consistently run updates and patches on their Content Management System (CMS) platform such as WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

So why do you need website security?

1. Protecting customers’ information
Protection your customer’s information should be your number 1 priority. The digital age has become more porous than ever allowing a free flow of personal information across the web. As such customers are worried about security risks of the Internet with identity theft being the number one concern.Therefore, to increase customer confidence in your website ensure that your web security provider includes a security seal. Security seals are becoming more common as a means to reassure customers that the site is secure.

2. Protect your brand and reputation
Any security breach regardless of its magnitude will affect your reputation significantly. Websites that have been identified as a security risk will lose visitors quickly reducing the chance of recurring customers as well. Once the damage is done recovering from a web security breach will be difficult. Hence, when it comes to website security, prevention is always better than cure

3. Improve SEO ranking
Google detects a total of 10,000 malicious sites per day. Don’t allow one of it be you! Once a website has been identified as a security threat search engine will reduce its SEO ranking significantly to protect their customers. As customers become warier about internet risks, search engines are ramping up their search engine crawler providing a safe environment for their customers to surf the net.

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