How to Guide: Becoming a Profitable Web-Service Reseller

How to Guide: Becoming a Profitable Web-Service Reseller 1

Industry 4.0 is here! New industries such as the Internet of Things platform, 3D printing, big data analytics and advanced algorithms, augmented reality and cloud computing will create new start-ups and create new business segment that requires web-service bundles more than ever before. Thus, there is no better time to become a web-service reseller than right now. So here are 4 tips on how you can become a profitable web-service reseller.


Want to be profitable? Solve a problem or better solve a few problems. Few customers will only have one problem to solve. Hence as a business, it is essential that you have a variety of relatable services to address multiple problems. The quickest way to increase your inventory is by collaborating with a wholesaler that has a large web-service portfolio.


Ensure that your products are priced at a competitive rate. Customers will always be price sensitive when making a purchase decision. Although a discount promotion is a good way to attract your customers but do not be overzealous in your discounts just to compete with your competitors. A business is only sustainable when there is cash flow. Therefore, find a balance between attractive promotions while maintaining a healthy profit margin.


An attractive price will draw customers but only a good service will retain them. Make your customers happy by streamlining administrative processes including billing, customer support, and enquiries. This could be a handful especially for resellers who are just starting out in this business hence, it is essential to partner with a wholesaler who is able to share this responsibility with you. Creating happy customers will not only create brand loyalty but generate referral customers as well.

How to Guide: Becoming a Profitable Web-Service Reseller 2

Value-added services

As a business always get the most bang for your buck. Not only will this save you cost but it increases your portfolio of web-services as well. Work with reputable partners who have you and your customer’s interest in mind, does not have any hidden charges and addresses your problems immediately. Partners who provide the lowest fees might not always be the cheapest.

At Webnic we hold a plethora of web services including domain names, registry lock, name wrap, new gTLDs, SSL certificate, website security, and trademark clearinghouse services to ensure our reseller is able to meet their customers every need. Our affordable web-service pricing, value added services such as free DNS hosting, free WHOIS protection and 24/7 support system have allowed all our 4000+ resellers to remain profitable for them since our inception. Click here to join us as a web-service reseller.

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