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Make yourself be seen for the things you do with .icu, I See You! What is .icu? It is one of the most popular new generic Top Level Domain (gTLD), launched just over a year ago by Luxembourg based domain registry, ShortDot SA. .icu’s popularity can be seen because there are more than 100 registrars from more than 30 countries around the world which have signed up to distribute .icu. Up to July 2019, .icu domain is the sixth largest new domain in terms of registration counts and has been registered for more than a million times. This is an incredible achievement in just a timespan of over a year!


Why .icu? It is short, with only three distinct letters, which ensures a long-lasting impression for your visitors. In addition, .icu is easy and memorable, easily understood and identifiable by people from around the world. Another strong point of .icu is that it is universal and suitable to use for any industry, in any location, in any language, giving users a powerful flexibility to use their domain anywhere. .icu is perfect for small businesses and start-ups, helping business owners to build confidence, perseverance and fulfilment in what they do. It gives business owners a sense of “I See You”, empowering them to believe in what they do to make great things happen! .icu also conveys an interactive message to your visitors, giving them a sense of belonging in what you do.


WebNIC is honored to be the largest registrar for .icu, and we would like to thank all of our partners! It is impossible for us to achieve this without your help, and the journey is nothing short of amazing! Working with all of you is a huge pleasure and as such, .icu is now ON SALE as a token of gratitude to all our partners who worked hard with us in this journey! You can now get your hands on .icu with just $0.99! Promotion is live now, valid until 31 December 2019! Let’s push hard together and bring .icu to a new height of success! Email [email protected] now to learn more. Terms and conditions apply.

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