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.shop is a domain name for all online and offline shops. Short, intuitive, memorable and broadly understood, Internet users instantly identifies a .shop website as a place to shop.

Registration of .shop is open to all and there are many potential uses of the domain as .shop can be for anyone, anywhere with something to sell online or offline. It is a great choice for any kind of online businesses including digital content and ecommerce solutions providers as well as the growing B2B ecommerce market. A .shop domain name can also help offline retailers and service providers to be discoverable online.

For corporations, short, memorable .shop domain names are a powerful marketing tool and can be used to distinguish their corporate website from their online shop and provide an enhanced user experience for their customers. Do not wait any longer, make haste to register .shop now! For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email to [email protected]

Terms & Conditions of “Make Your .shop Online Now” (the “Promotion”)

1. The Promotion will run from 1 April 2019, 00:00:01 (GMT +0800) until 30 June 2019, 23:59:59 (GMT +0800) (“Term”).
2. The Promotion is only applicable for .shop extensions.
3. The Promotion will be running on a direct charge basis.
4. No refund will be provided in the event of any domain deletion that was registered under this Promotion.
5. The promotional price of USD 7.90 is only applicable to successful new registration of .shop during the Promotion Term.
6. Only the first year of new registration is eligible for this Promotion. Domain renewal and domain transfers are NOT eligible for this Promotion.
7. The Promotion excludes ALL Premium and Reserved domains.
8. The Promotion applies to all regions.
9. The Promotion cannot be enjoyed with any other .shop related offers and promotion from WebNIC.
10. In the event that the .shop domain have been transferred to another Registrar within 1 year from domain creation, WebNIC reserved the right to claw back whatever discounted amount for .shop domain.
11. All prevailing registration policies must be adhered to.
12. WebNIC reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
13. WebNIC reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time and reserves the right to charge the shortfall if there is any violation of the above rules.

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