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What is Namewrap?

Namewrap, the same function as the main lock in your house. Thieve might not visit your home, as you don’t know when is the needed time to lock, thus you will just lock up your door for safety purposes. The same concept applies to Namewrap, where there’s a platform for reseller who wish to become a registrar and for existing registrar who wish to expand / penetrate their market into more countries.

You may choose not to have Namewrap, but at the same time you may face limited resources problem.

As reseller, you need to be an ICANN accredited for most of the domain extensions, and you know that you must have enough capital (at least USD $ 70,000). Moreover, as registrar, you may expand your businesses and move your service into faster integration into gTLDs or ccTLDs, but do you have an excellent platform that can support multicurrency billing or over 75+ integrated payment gateways?


Namewrap brings your whole registrar business world together in one powerful, integrated system.

  • Plug & Play Automation
    Plug & Play Automation
  • 100+ TLDs Registries
    Pre-Integrated 100+ TLDs Registries
  • Multi-Currency Billing
    Multi-Currency Billing
  • Payment Gateways
    Over 75+ Integrated Payment Gateways
  • Custom Storefront Design
    Fully Custom Storefront Design
  • Go Live in 3 Day
    Go Live in 3 Days
  • namewrap api
    API Integration