New gTLD’s Top 6 Million Domain Registrations & We Break Down The Numbers

The number of new gTLD registrations has topped 6 million according to

Lets break down the numbers by looking at the difference from our last report published on April 10th, when new gTLD domain registrations broke the 5 Million mark (Referred to as the April Report or April numbers)

.Science owned by Famous Four Media added 200,000 registrations.

.Science was launched and heavily promoted by which gave away 50K or more free domains and has been selling them for $.49 thereafter.

.Party another free/$.49 domain Famous Four extension added around 180,000 registrations.

.Webcam another Famous Four Media Extension went the free/$.49 route after its intial launch and added some 45,000 registrations since April

So basically 1/2 of all the new gTLD registrations from 5 million to 6 were Famous Four new domain extensions that were given away for free or for $.49

.XYZ picked up another 75,000 or so registrations selling for around $2 or less in the Asian markets.

.Club picked up about 40,000 more registrations including 10K on its one year anniversary when it sold domains for $1.

.Top which is a low priced domain registration bought mostly in Asia picked up 40,000 registrations.

As far as anything new that launched in the last few months .porn and .adult lead the way with a combined 18K or so registrations and the only new gTLD that I can find (other than the one’s cited above) that launched since our April post andg ained more than 10K registrations.

In other major changes from our April report is now the 2nd largest registrar of new gTLD domain names with over 480,000 domains representing more than 8% of all new gTLD domain names, only surpassed to Godaddy which has over 770,000 new gTLD domain registrations. Back In our April report report had less than 1K registrations.

It should be noted just a handful of new gTLD extension have started expiring and deleting most of which are Donuts Strings.

The biggest loss of domain registrations on its first renewal appears to be .Guru which was around 83,000 registrations in April and now has around 68K

The number of new gTLD’s registration by Donuts sits at 1,363,369.

Back in April Donuts registrations stood at 1,348,347 so basically a net gain of just about 15,000 domains in two months out of the 1 million additional new gTLD’s

The number of registered .com sits at 118,256,280 according to Verisign, back in April .com domain registrations were below 118M.

Sources by: The Domains

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