Cutting-Edge Hosted Email Filtering

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Defend your domains from Email-Propagated Virus Outbreaks, Malware, Phishing attempts and Spam with WebNIC’s ShieldMX:

  • Unrivalled Business Communication Security
  • >99% Catch Rate, Protection against Virus Outbreaks
  • 1 in 10 Million False Positives
  • Unique Filtering Algorithm

Hosted Email Filtering

Hosted Email Filtering

No More Trade-offs between Filter Accuracy and False Positives

The Ever-Increasing Threat of Email-Borne Hazards
In 2010, data showed >95% of email traffic worldwide was spam, with close to 95 BILLION Phishing Scam emails detected. Among these, targeted phishing spam seeking access to sensitive corporate information in increased 62% from the previous year.

Adding to these worrying trends, almost 340,000 different types of malware were identified in (a nearly 10-fold increase from 2009).

To any company, this causes the risk of:

  • Loss of Important business e-mails

    (false positives) caused by inaccurate spam filters.

  • Threat to Data Confidentiality

    caused by the emergence of malware and phishing e-mails.

  • Successful email-propagated Virus Outbreaks,

    which more likely than not to be a financial liability.

  • E-mail infrastructure overloading

    from spam waves or targeted distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.

    Despite the advancement in email filtering technology, many e-mail filtering systems fail to properly identify and isolate spam from legitimate emails, leading to not only a loss of legitimate business emails (False Positives), but also a failure in preventing Viruses, Spam, Bulk email, and other malicious content from reaching corporate networks.

    How ShieldMX Work

    How ShieldMX Works

    ShieldMX utilizes multiple unique filtering mechanisms that not only optimize Spam Catch rate (>99% accuracy), but also reduce the risk of false positives to near zero (1 in 10 million). Coupled with cutting-edge Virus Detection technology, ShieldMX ensures that business communication is securely guarded against email-borne threats, and protects your network from malicious content:

    • 1
      The core technology behind ShieldMX is its Bulkcheck capability, which determines whether an e-mail has been sent in bulk.
    • 2
      This is done by assigning each individual email with a “fingerprint” consisting of just a few bytes.
    • 3
      Each Individual email’s “Fingerprint” is examined against the ShieldMX central Database Updated in Real-Time
    • 4
      If the same or similar checksums are identified, the e-mail is classified and deflected according to your preferences.
    • 5
      With this, your email infrastructure will be protected from compromise – Spam, Phishing and Bulk mails, Viruses and Malware are deflected even before they reach your network!

    ShieldMX – Truly State-of-the-Art

    Unrivalled Data Confidentiality
    ShieldMX’s filtering algorithm is designed as such that content does not need to be opened in any way for inspection – ensuring complete Data Confidentiality. ShieldMX is compliant with the strictest Data Confidentiality laws.

    Unrivalled Security
    ShieldMX safeguards business-related email communication at all times against unsolicited bulk email, phishing, viruses, and other mail-propagated threats, ensuring stability of the email infrastructure and company network.

    Increased productivity
    with ShieldMX, less time is spent sorting through spam, and only legitimate mail reaches the intended recipient.

    Reduced Load on Infrastructure
    Bandwidth costs for you network are reduced as spam is deflected by ShieldMX before it even reaches your network!