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Cloud-Based Comprehensive Website Security Solutions

SiteLock is recognised as the global leader in website security. It uses proprietary technology to detect and remove malware that is found on websites. SiteLock offers channel clients industry-leading cloud-based security solutions that can be quickly integrated into any existing products portfolio.

It is designed to deliver affordable and immediately deployable website protection solutions for organisations of all sizes and complexity. SiteLock solutions deliver an instant recurring revenue stream.

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Personal Website Owners

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Web Development Agencies

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Non-Profit Organisations

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Prevent Blacklisting and Business Failure

SiteLock protects businesses from blacklisting by blocking malicious access and monitoring sites for security flaws. This ensures business websites are always online and the business can continue to operate.

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Enhance Website Performance

The speed performance of a website plays a huge role in creating a positive customer experience — which will ultimately lead to higher revenue and increased customer loyalty. SiteLock advanced Content Delivery Network (CDN) greatly increases your website speed, while also using significantly less bandwidth.

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Protect Brand Reputation

SiteLock provides a complimentary Trust Seal to all websites utilizing SiteLock's web security products. This badge instantly informs prospective clients that the site is safe, thus increasing trust and boosting conversions.

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Scanning & Removal of Malware

SiteLock® SMART™ (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) is a technologically advanced product with an acute ability to find and automatically remove malware found on website.

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Mitigate DDoS Attacks

DDoS attacks are becoming the weapon of choice for hackers today. SiteLock provides comprehensive DDoS protection, including the most sophisticated forms of DDoS attacks.

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Application Scanning

SiteLock performs web applications scanning to find outdated or vulnerable applications that hackers can utilise to gain access to your website and data.

Malware Scanning25 Pages500 Pages500 PagesUnlimited
Vulnerability Scanning (XSS, SQLi, & Application)One-timeDailyDailyN/A
File Change Monitoring N/A
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