Mr Lin

As a partner, we are glad that WebNIC.cc provides lowest priced domain registration, and easy control system, with the quick, good response and services. WebNIC.cc indeed provides strong support to hosting business.

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Being one of the best IT service providers in China, choosing WebNIC.cc. is the right decision. By choosing WebNIC.cc as our domain service partner saves time for us to focus on our own business development. The multi-lingual API provides by WebNIC.cc helps our employees to get on their jobs quicker then the others.

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Deric Wong

WebNIC.cc customer support response is fast with precise solution.

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Alex Gontcharov

USONYX Singapore Broadband Hosting Service (www.usonyx.net) has been using HSPcomplete since August 2001 starting from its first beta. Currently we are using HSPcomplete 2.1 and preparing for upgrade to the new HSPcomplete 3.0. During this time, we have evaluated many other hosting automation systems and couldn’t find any match in terms of reliability, scalability
and feature set.

The combination of Virtuozzo server virtualization technology and HSPcomplete hosting automation system reduces our daily routine work tremendously so we can spend more time on real problems and improve our customers’ support. We are desperately looking forward to the new version of HSPcomplete 3.0 that integrates support for Plesk servers and fully automates their management.

We believe this will not only allow us to boost our sales and to be able to handle 10 times more customers with the same technical support staff, but will definitely increase the time we spend playing golf, swimming, playing with our kids and doing some other stuff which is so important for us.

Automation is a key to success of our business and our personal lives.

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Lovelynne Chong

Webnic.cc quality of service is really something far more than impressive and rare in today’s busy business world. Their efficiency is something that many companies will have to learn from.

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