Russell Chan

As for the HSPC hosting automation system, WebNIC.cc has provided valuable recommendation on optimized setup, as well as excellent after-sales services. HSPC offers a comprehensive list of features that can help us better organize and control our clients’ account. It is by far the best solution we had encountered amongst similar products.

WebNIC.cc also recommended Plesk, a powerful control panel, to UDomain for streamlining the web control panel. By using Plesk, UDomain is able to reduce operating cost associated with account setup and setting modifications. In addition, clients are more satisfied with the brand new control panel interface.

Russell ChanUDomain
Horace Yu

WebNIC.cc is a good registrar who helps us a lot in our hosting business. With their quick e-mail response and user-friendly web admin partner central, it helps us improve our domain services and reduces cost and time in domain management.

Horace YuWebnix.com

WebNIC.cc is a great company, which is just growing. All services are better than others. Nice support team. We never feel hard to contact them by email. The price is so competitive. And they give us many features that we can use to our customers for free. No additional charges like others. After joining WebNIC.cc Premier Partner Program about 1 year ago, we trust all our customer’s domain to WebNIC.cc

Ninos Bisso

WebNIC.cc customer service is spectacular, even though I am in a different country, the support provided is prompt and on time, I have some other providers in my country and even though I am only 20 kilometres from them, yet it takes over 24 hours for any response from the suppliers in my country. WebNIC.cc has always been there every time and I can count on them for providing consistent support. Well done WebNIC.cc and keep up the good work.

Ninos BissoBISSO IT
Roger Lim

WebNIC.cc.cc is a world-class registrar with competitive rates and a rapid technical support team. I would recommend them any time.

Roger LimWebvisions Pte Ltd