The Story about .APP

The Story about .APP 1

According to the statistic 2018, there are more than 8 million mobile apps on Google Play store and 2.2 million in Apple app store, 669k in the Windows Storenad 600k in the Amazon Appstore. (Sources: The importance of mobile application to us is undeniable, and it is the main reason for the born of “.APP

The story

Dated back to the year 2015, Google won the rights to run .APP registry from ICANN successfully by spent 25 million dollars auction and finally beating out many other well-established company such as Amazon because Google sees that is a competitive advantage in .APP. What surprised us is over 100,000 .APP registered in less than a day after it general launched in May 2018.

The competitive advantage

“Within the first two weeks of Google’s .APP launch, it garnered 200,000 new domain registrations. The implications are far bigger than a successful launch in the tech world.” ~
“17,000 domain names were registered during the early access period.” ~ Google Tech Lead Ben McIlwain
APP appeared in the iPhone app, android app, business app, but to many businesses goal, the web platform cannot be eliminated. It makes perfect sense the .APP becomes popular in not just the IT industry but also many other businesses, organizations government and etc. For this reason, .APP is one of the most exciting and anticipated new gTLDs.
We manage more than 1,000,000 domain names and over 600 extensions available in Webnic, you may find the newly launched .APP TLD together with our promotion here.
Important note:.APP works on HTTPS only, which means .APP is a secure namespace that secure both you and your client when they are on your website (Please click here to obtain an SSL certificate.)

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