The Top 5 New gTLDs as of 2018

The Top 5 New gTLDs as of 2018 1

1) .TOP – dot TOP is really the TOP

Yes, .TOP ranked the TOP of all New gTLDs. Among the 26 million registered New gTLDs, there are around 4 million .TOP domains registered from over 240 countries and regions in the world until December 2018. So what makes .TOP number one of all?
The term “top” is just exactly what every business wanted to be in their industry, making it the natural choice for a business. Companies who use it are trying to tell their customer that they are providing the best products and services. It symbolized the ambition and effort of a company to become the best of the best. Moreover, it will also strengthen the image of a company, and customer’s confidence to the company.

2) .XYZ – The New .COM

“We end the alphabet in ‘xyz’ and we should end domain names the same way”, says Daniel Negari, the founder of .XYZ.
In recent years, .COM has continued to increase its total number of domain name registrations heavily. This situation makes the available name for .COM are getting lesser and hard to grab your ideal name than before. People now tend to find a new domain that can alternate .COM flawlessly to overcome the shortage of .COM, this is when the .XYZ comes into sight.
.XYZ is an extension that can fit into any purpose of website unconditionally, just like .COM! Under the promotion by many big domain sellers, this simple, modern, and catchy domain began to be accepted and liked by people. Apart from that, the word XYZ just like a dedicated extension for us – the generation X, Y, and Z! With the popularity and number of registration gained by .XYZ in these years, we can believe that it is gradually replacing .COM.

3) .LOAN – Vital Part of Most People’s Lives

Don’t be surprise when you see .LOAN ranked the third and gain 8% market share in the entire New gTLDs. In fact, loans are closely related to almost everyone on earth. We need loans for going to college, to buy cars and homes, to invest in business, and even to persevere tough economic times.
There is plenty of large and small financial organization out there that provide loan services to people other than bank, which creates a large market for .LOAN domain. With a .LOAN domain, these financial organization can take advantages of this memorable and easy-to-find domain to differentiate themselves from the competition. It is also a great way to improve their SEO!

4) .CLUB – The Meaningful Term

The multi-meaning nature of the word “Club” makes it one of the most exclusive domain on the market. The registration number of .CLUB domain had present an optimistic upward trend since its release in 2014, occupying 6% of the market share as of 2018.
.CLUB is an intuitive domain, it tells internet users who you are and what you do. The word “Club” are often by organization in the category of sports, entertainment, social media, celebrities and bar. The multi-meaning nature makes its market not only restrict to one.

5) .ONLINE – Your Online Presence

.ONLINE, as the name implies, it is also an intuitive name that perfectly represent where the website is on, telling the internet users that your business are operating online. .ONLINE still gain 4% of the market share, it is suitable for personal website, and every companies and brands who wanted to expand their business in the online market.
Despite its length, adding .ONLINE really helps a lot in SEO if you are operating online business. For instance, when people search for “buy shoes online”, shoe stores with .ONLINE extensions will be hitting more keywords than others obviously, resulting in higher ranks on the search results.

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