When a Secure Site is Not Safe

When a Secure Site is Not Safe 1

Ever since Google started marking sites without HTTPS, getting your site secure is no longer an option. So how do you get your site secured in the first place? In most cases, you will have to purchase a secure sockets layer or most commonly known as SSL. SSL’s are categorized into 3 different types, the cheapest and least secure being the Domain Validated (DV) Certificate, followed by the Organization Validated (OV) Certificate and the most secure being the Extended Validation (EV) Certificate. All certificates must be verified by the Certificate Authority (CA) prior to issuance of an SSL certificate.

Here is a break down on what they are:

Domain Validated Certificate (DV):

– The most common type of certificate.
– Free sources often found online.
– CA only exchanges a confirmation email or owner places a verification file provided by the CA.

Organization Validated Certificate (OV):

– Requires more validation thus providing more trust.
– CA requires applicants to be actual businesses Highest level of security
– The organization name is listed in the certificate ensuring the website and company are legitimate.

Extended Validated Certificates (EV):

– Easily recognized by a “Green Bar” implemented in the address bar
– Name of organization is shown in the address bar
– Thorough authentication to determine the organization’s domain ownership rights and organization is bound to a subscriber agreement.


When a Secure Site is Not Safe 2
So you might be asking if all these free DV certificates out there are able to provide you with the minimum encryption required by Google why bother paying for an SSL certificate? Well, here is where you are wrong. Secure does not necessarily mean safe. As with all freebies, many shortfalls will be attached to the product (See Below).

When a Secure Site is Not Safe 3
Although cost is a major factor when running a business, getting a free DV SSL to protect your website might cost you more in the long run. Paying for an SSL that provides more security such as an OV or EV certificate will be beneficial to your business in the long run and allowing you to focus on your bottom line without worrying about the technical stuff.

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