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WHMCS Managed Service

WHMCS setup and configuration
made easy and simple for you!

We help you to start a web business without hassle, using the leading management platform in the world.
Managing your web business is now truly simple and painless!

What is WHMCS ?

WHMCS is an automated billing and management platform for all your web business's need.

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Automate all of the processes below


Provision, setup and termination of hosting accounts for your customers.


Resell and manage domain transactions through API integration with major registrars.


Billing management and payment processes made easy through integration with all major payment gateways providers.

Support Suite

Take advantage of a built-in support ticket system to keep track of all customer communication conveniently.


A powerful and flexible platform that makes your need of customisation easy and simple.

Why use WHMCS?

Low-cost and affordable

Offer a wide range of comprehensive services to your customers without blowing your budget, while systematically reducing operational costs, which in turn increase your business profitability.
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Increase productivity

Immediate and automated order processing, no more manual work required to process your customer orders one by one.
WHMCS Managed Service 5

Increase reliability

Automated processes reduce the rate of human interference, which helps to minimise human errors, ensuring the delivery of a high-quality customer experience for your web business.
WHMCS Managed Service 6

High availability

Automation software works 24/7/365, which means non-stop service to serve your customers day and night throughout the year, anytime and anywhere.
WHMCS Managed Service 7

Easy maintenance

Automation software needs to be setup once only and it only requires a least amount of maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Get started with WebNIC WHMCS Managed Service!

We take out the painful WHMCS configuration from the equation!
Kickstart your web business immediately and resell the following WebNIC products!



Office 365

( Coming Soon )

Alibaba Mail

( Coming Soon )

WebNIC WHMCS Managed Service is designed specifically for you

if you face any of these below

Lack of complicated technical knowledge!

Prefer to spend little to no time in learning and setup WHMCS from scratch!

Unfamiliar with domain & SSL!

Headache over recruiting talents to take care of your WHMCS integration and maintenance!

We help you to take care of it!

Improve your web business with WHMCS automation!

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How does WebNIC WHMCS
Managed Service work?

We provide you a smooth and hassle-free installation and configuration by assigning a dedicated member of our team to help you. The assigned technical team member will help you to fully install, configure and setup WHMCS. We get it ready for you in perfect shape, so that you can start using it immediately.

The service includes all of the following:

* For other payment gateways vendors, other than Paypal & Bank-in, the subscriber should provide valid addon and details for the installation service.  WebNIC Technical will try its best effort to assist.

WHMCS Managed Service 9

Get started by subscribing to WebNIC WHMCS Managed Service:

  1. Write-in and drop us an email at [email protected] to request for the service.
  2. Fill up the form that we will send to you upon receiving your request!
  3. Once we receive your form, your order will be processed and a dedicated technical engineer of our team will contact you!
  4. Sit back and relax as our engineer helps you to fully install, configure and setup WHMCS!
  5. Schedule a session with us, and we will brief and train you on how to start selling WebNIC’s product!
    *If you’re not our existing reseller, please sign up here

Our Plans:

1st Anniversary Promotion
*USD 210.80
USD 248 per year
*USD 321.30
USD 378 per year
*USD 482.80
USD 568 per year
*Our price includes a FREE license + our experts' all-inclusive WHMCS service
*T&C: The type of license will be the same range as the subscribed plan.
Up to 250 ClientsUp to 500 ClientsUp to 1000 Clients
Standard SupportStandard SupportStandard & Priority Support *
Customisable/No BrandingCustomisable/No BrandingCustomisable/No Branding
Payment will be deducted from your reseller account balance!
Get started!Get started!Get started!

*T&C: The type of license will be the same range as the subscribed plan.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How can I subscribe to the WHMCS Managed Service ?
      You need to register as a WebNIC reseller before subscribing to the service.
    2. How to register as a WebNIC reseller?
      You can register through our website: https://r.webnic.cc/signUp.jsp?lang=eng.
    3. How do I provide information to subscribe to WebNIC WHMCS Managed Service?
      The process is simple after you become our reseller. You can write-in and drop us an email at [email protected] to request for the service. You will receive a form from us via email, and all you need to do is just fill it up and submit it back to us.
    1. How can I subscribe to the WHMCS Managed Service ?
      • Option 1: Drop us an email at [email protected] to request for the service.
      • Option 2: Submit the form above.
      Once we receive a request from you through any of the options above, we will send you a form through email. Kindly fill it up and submit it back to us at [email protected]
    2. What is the next step after I have submitted the form?
      Our team will process your order and payment. After verification success, we will assign a dedicated technical engineer to contact you and start assisting you in setting up.
    3. How does the WHMCS configuration process work?
      Our technical engineer will configure your WHMCS license in WebNIC’s server. The configuration will include the following:
      1. WebNIC Registrar Module.
      2. WebNIC SSL Addon Module.
      3. Language pack for your client-facing page as per requested. The admin panel will always be in English.
      4. Fundamental site configuration.
      Any other configurations will be mentioned and guided during your training session with us. Once everything is done, we will pass all access back to you.
    4. How long does it take to complete the configuration of WHMCS Managed Service?
      We will complete it within 2 working days. The entire process includes 1 day of infrastructure setup and configuration and 1 day of infrastructure fine-tune upon your feedback. There will also be a complimentary 2-hour briefing and training for you to help you familiarize yourself with using WHMCS.
    5. Will I receive the root access after the configuration is done?
      Yes, we will pass the root access to you, and you will have full control of it. It includes:
      1. Control panel admin access, which allows configurable FTP and database access configuration.
      2. WHMCS admin access.
    6. What can I do if I face problems?
      If you need help on any problems regarding WHMCS and WebNIC products, do feel free to email [email protected]! We will assist you to fix the problems.
    7. How do I pay for the subscription of WHMCS Managed Service?
      We will deduct the payment from your WebNIC reseller account balance.
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