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Enjoy a comprehensive and powerful suite of cloud computing services to bring your business to new heights!

Alibaba Cloud Services:

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Elastic Computing

Add compute power, load balancing and advanced network capabilities to your applications using these essential Alibaba Cloud products.

Alibaba Cloud 4

Storage & CDN

Store and serve unlimited data and objects using Alibaba Cloud’s managed storage and content delivery products.

Alibaba Cloud 5


Build stable and safe networking for your services with Alibaba Cloud VPC and ExpressConnect.

Alibaba Cloud 6

Database Services

Manage your data with elastic, secure and reliable databases hosted on Alibaba Cloud.

Alibaba Cloud 7


Protect your data, applications and servers from malicious attacks. Enjoy peace of mind with reliable and high compliance level security.

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Why Choose Alibaba Cloud?

Trustworthy, Reliable &
Secure Cloud Solutions

Choose from Enterprise Networking, Web Hosting, SAP, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Migration, DevOps, Security, Hybrid Cloud, China Gateway, ICP Support. Or get tailor-made solutions for your industry.

Deploy Business Solutions Easily Anytime, Anywhere

Save time and money deploying solutions for business needs. Choose from a comprehensive suite of products and solutions for any business needs. Ready made solutions available for quick deployment.

Global Data Centers

20 global data center regions, 2800+ CDN nodes around the globe and 61 available zones. Serve your business solutions anywhere around the world.

Alibaba Cloud trusted by big brands:

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Simple Application Server

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Alibaba Mail

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