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Reliable Premium DNS Service

Premium DNS is a domain name resolution service that resolves your DNS requests through our worldwide network of redundant DNS servers for a safer, smarter and faster Internet experience.​

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Benefits Of Premium DNS

High Speed, High Availability with a Global Network​

We deliver contents from servers closer to your customers while reducing latency and time to first byte. Enjoy reliable content delivery through the Edge.​99.99% service uptime in serving stale content from cache during a failure on the origin server, coupled with real time propagation where all updates are pushed globally in seconds, which can be done by the Anycast DNS Network.​


No More Waiting​

For the first time ever, WebNIC introduces a worldwide, real time DNS propagation. The DNS record you updated in our
Partner Central or Reseller API will be reflected in every worldwide Nameserver instantly.

Traffic Flow Management

With Geo Routing, your customers can choose the resources to serve their website contents based on the geographic location of their website visitors, in other words the location in which the DNS queries originate from.​


Enjoy these benefits when you subscribe to our Premium DNS​

Fast loading improves conversion success

Serve more users

API Connection

White Label Product

Reliable Performance &
Speed Performance

Global Network

Unmetered Queries
& domains

Easy to use for beginners,
powerful for experts


Enjoy these benefits when you subscribe to our Premium DNS​

Go Beyond the Limits​

Unlimited records & unmetered queries! What is even better? It is borderless!
    You can even use the Premium DNS for any non-WebNIC domains now!

Integrated with Products & Services​

Premium DNS 2

Get ready before any domain transfer-ins

Pre-configure the DNS zone before the domain
transfers into your account.​

​Automated SSL Domain Control Validation (DCV)

Auto complete verification for SSL domain,
verified by DNS TXT records.​


Automated Microsoft 365 Domain Verification & DNS Template

Auto complete verification for M365’s DNS verification, as well as setup necessary DNS record like MX, CNAME, etc.​

Robust DNS Management Dashboard & RESTful API​


A dashboard for a quick overview of all the domains that you manage using the Premium DNS.

With our robust RESTful API, you can easily integrate your system with our Premium DNS.

Premium DNS 3

White Label Configuration​

White label configuration allows you to use your own NS for your customers. No one will know WebNIC is behind the service you are providing.

Do you manage a lot of domains? We got you covered!​

Are you hosting thousands of domains for your customers?​

​Good news! We do not charge you on a single domain basis. The first 1,000 domains are charged at an extremely low monthly subscription fee only!​

Have >1000 domains? Our tier pricing ensures that you only enjoy the lowest price possible. Upgrade only when you need it, when you have more domains subscribed to Premium DNS.​

Premium DNS Plan

Basic NS Premium Reseller Plan Premium Single
Query Limit
DNS Record
Basic DNS
DKIM Record​
DMARC Record​
SPF Record​
Create DNS record before domain transfer in
Traffic Management (Geo Routing)

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