Payment Methods

reseller payment method

Pre-Payment Top Up

In order to qualify for the program, you must first establish an account with us depositing a pre-payment of USD 100 during the partner sign-up process. This pre-payment will not be a dormant deposit but will be used to pay for any registration you make and you can completely draw down the amount paid-up, through your registration activity.

Credit Limit

Your registration capability will temporarily suspended when your credit level is unable to pay for the required registration fee. You will be reminded by e-mail to top-up your account once you reach the pre-set threshold limit.

As a gentle advice, you are strongly recommended to deposit an amount that will cover your projected monthly domain name sales to avoid service interruption.

Premier Partner shall top up account to WebNIC through the below acceptable method as WebNIC is using pre-paid top up practice for the registrations:

Credit card Payment (Instant):

For all online payment, it shall be subject to the following payment gateway charges for every online top up successfully processed:

Online Payment Payment Gateway Charges
Less than
USD 500


of the top up amount
[per transaction]

USD 500
or above


of the top up amount
[per transaction]

PayPal (Credit Card)

Available in Partner Central. Top up online by Credit Card (VISA or MasterCard).
Each top-up must be at minimum of USD50.
The amount will top-up immediately upon successful transaction.

AliPay (China only)

Available in Partner Central which is a direct debit top up option.
Only applicable for Partners in China.
Each top-up must be at minimum of USD50.
The amount will top-up immediately upon successful transaction.

Credit card Payment (Offline)

Minimum of USD100 is required for PayPal Fund Transfer.

WebNIC will only top up the account after confirmed receiving payment which will take approximately 1-2 working days.

Below with the process:

  • Login to Paypal, kindly click on "send money" feature and fill in the information.
  • Email column - [email protected]
  • Select "services / others" option
  • Remark column - To replenish WebNIC Partner account ( fill in your partner ID)

Partner must send money via USD currency ONLY, WebNIC rejected currency other than USD
Partners have to send us the Receipt/reference number by email to [email protected] and state your Partner ID.

Under the TT payment method, Premier Partners are required to transfer to WEBCC with a minimum payment of Five Hundred United States Dollars (USD500).

**An amount of bank charge will incur if the payment is less than USD500. It will be charged to partner and deducted from the total amount received.
*Bank charge will incurr for Malaysia Partners regardless of top up amount. Malaysia partners are advise to top up using methods shown in payment method

WEBCC will only credit the payment after receiving payment transaction from bank.

Premier Partner shall ensure that the TT form during wire transfer has the complete information as listed following:

Overseas Partner Pay To:

56A: Intermediary Institution - FI BIC
(Swift Code: CITIUS33)
(ABA Routing No. : 021000089) **
Citibank New York
399 Park Avenue, New York
New York 10043
** Remark : ABA Routing No. is only requested if you wire transfer from a US bank.

57A: Account With Institution - FI BIC
Beneficiary's Bank:
(Swift Code: MBBEMY2L)
A/C No : 36320196
Level 16 (B), Main Office Tower,
Financial Park Labuan,
Jalan Merdeka,
87000 Labuan FT

Field 59:Beneficiary Customer-Name
& Address

Web Commerce Communications Limited
A/C No: 10201 000 000 0866


Online Transfer

OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad
Bank: OCBC Al-Amin Bank Berhad
Payable to: Qinetics Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
ID / Registration No.: 400981-M
A/C No: 108-102284-9
Email (for payment notification):
[email protected]
Telephone No.: +603.8996 6799

Bank: Maybank
Payable to: Qinetics Solutions Sdn. Bhd.
A/C No: 514413400739
Recipient email : [email protected]
Recipient reference :
Fill in your Partner ID without “webcc-”
Description of Transaction :
Top Up Partner Account
Telephone No.: +603.8996 6799

Bank In (Over The Counter)

Bank: Cash / Cheque
Bank: Malayan Banking Bhd
Payable to: Qinetics Solutions Sdn Bhd
A/C No: 514413400739


For Maybank User