WHMCS License Management

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Manage all your WHMCS licenses in a single place!

License Management now made easy, simple and hassle-free!

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What is WHMCS?

WHMCS is an automated billing and management platform for all your web business’s need.

Automate all of the processes below:


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Provision, setup and termination of hosting accounts for your customers.


WHMCS License Management 5

Resell and manage domain transactions through API integration with major registrars.


WHMCS License Management 6

Billing management and payment processes made easy through integration with all major payment gateways providers.

Support Suite

WHMCS License Management 7

Take advantage of a built-in support ticket system to keep track of all customer communication conveniently.


WHMCS License Management 8

A powerful and flexible platform that makes your need of customisation easy and simple.

Why use WHMCS?

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Low-cost and affordable

Offer a wide range of comprehensive services to your customers without blowing your budget, while systematically reducing operational costs, which in turn increase your business profitability.

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Increase productivity

Immediate and automated order processing, no more manual work required to process your customer orders one by one.

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Increase reliability

Automated processes reduce the rate of human interference, which helps to minimise human errors, ensuring the delivery of a high-quality customer experience for your web business.

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High availability

Automation software works 24/7/365, which means non-stop service to serve your customers day and night throughout the year, anytime and anywhere.

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Easy maintenance

Automation software needs to be setup once only and it only requires a least amount of maintenance, saving you time and effort.

Our Plans

We subsidize up to 15% of the license fees for our resellers!

*Terms & Conditions Apply




Business 1000

Business 2500

Business 5000

Business 10000

Business 20000

Business 30000

Business 50000

Business 100000

Business Unlimited

We subsidize up to 30% of the license fees for our resellers!

Take a look at WebNIC's new WHMCS License Management Panel!

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to register as a WebNIC reseller before you can get access to the panel.

The access is simple once you successfully become our reseller. You can login to our RPanel with your account, then access the WHMCS License Management Panel via the navigation bar on the top left of your screen.

You can buy, renew and upgrade your WHMCS licenses on the Management Panel. In addition, the panel gives you an overview of all your active licenses, expiring licenses, expired licenses, and licenses that are hitting the clients limit.

Need more info on WebNIC's WHMCS License Management Panel?

Contact us at support@webnic.cc to learn more!