​Integrate with the industry leading billing platforms using custom-built modules and simple APIs to start selling all our products. Simply use WebNIC Module for WHMCS, the most popular billing platform.
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Supported Features

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Update NameserversUpdate WHOISGet EPP CodeRegister Nameservers
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DNS Record ManagementEmail ForwardingDomain ReleaseDomain Sync Script
Premium DomainsTransfer Out AutomationIDN Domains


Do not have a WebNIC account yet?

To activate and begin using the WebNIC registrar module, follow the steps below:

* Before you can begin using the WebNIC API with your account you must authorize your server IP for access to your account. See below for steps to do this.

IP Registration

Failure to do this will result in you seeing the error message, “IP Address Prohibited”

*If you’ve forgotten your API password or are receiving the message, “Wrong logon name or password. Please try again”, kindly send a mail to WebNIC support for a password reset.

Test Mode

WHMCS - Domain 4

The Test Mode checkbox determines whether WHMCS connects to the production server of the OTE test server. This enables you to test functionality without actually registering domains names.

Make sure your API password is input correctly as it might be different between WebNIC Production & OTE server.

Automatic Registration

WHMCS allows you to setup automatic domain registration on a per extension basis enabling you to use different registrars for different TLDs to give you the flexibility to offer more extensions and always get the best value. To enable automatic registration, please refer to Configuring Automatic Registration


The following are error messages that may be displayed during API submission process.
Each message explains the event that causes or during which the error message is displayed.

IP Address

This error message indicates that the IP address of the server where WHMCS is installed which used to connect to WebNIC API server is not added in your reseller account.

Kindly login into the WebNIC reseller panel and add the particular IP into your reseller account. The IP address is usually able be found from the IP your WHMCS is assigned to.

2 IP
authentication fail

In order to use the WebNIC API, you must first contact them and let them know the server IP address where you will be connecting from (the server IP address where you have WHMCS installed).

This is part of WebNIC’s security measures to prevent unauthorised users being able to submit registration requests to your account.

Partner authentication

This error message indicates the login details you have input in Setup > Domain Registrars for the WebNIC module are incorrect.

Make sure you have input the correct source (WebNIC partner ID and API password) of Reseller login details. If you’ve forgotten your partner ID and password, please seek assistance from WebNIC support.

Benefits of using WHMCS feature as below:

WHMCS - Domain 5

User Friendly interface

Used by various domain and hosting businesses, WHMCS has a proven appearance that is attractive and easy to use

WHMCS - Domain 6

Simplify webhosting management

Once logged in, you can register your hosting, modify and upgrade services as desired

WHMCS - Domain 7

Integrated with All Control Panels

For ease of use, WHMCS has been integrated with the leading Control Panel such as Cpanel, Plesk, SOLUSVM, DirectAdmin and many more

WHMCS - Domain 8

Help providers and customers to remind payment

The system sends an automatic email to remind customer of unpaid bills

WHMCS - Domain 9

Ease in domain management

Ease in registering, renewing, DNS management, sending epp codes in just one login to your account

WHMCS - Domain 10

Client and Admin Panel

There are 2 different panels specifically for the admin and for the client, making it easy to set up and monitor your business