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What is a premium domain name?

A premium domain name is a high-quality domain name that is commonly short, easy to remember, concise and has a high perceived value. Every website needs a domain name, and all domain names fundamentally and technically work the same. However, if you have come across domain names with an asking price of a 3‐figure number to a 7‐figure number or even higher, then highly likely you are looking at a premium domain name.
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Why is premium domain name so expensive?

Without the existence of domain names, we would need to use a long, unique string of numbers to reach a website, such as to visit This is definitely not intuitive and extremely inconvenient. Domain names exist to overcome this problem, because is definitely much easier to remember. 

Among the numerous domain names available, some words or phrases are deemed extremely memorable and easy to understand, hence they are perceived to fetch a high value for whoever owns it. They are premium domain names, such as (priced at $30 million), (priced at $17 million), (priced at $11 million), etc.

What are the benefits of registering a premium domain name?


A memorable domain name is a great way for any websites to leave a strong impression in a user’s mind.



A premium domain name can enhance the marketing efforts in creating a strong and powerful brand identity.


A premium domain name tends to be popular words or phrases that have a high search volume, which is great for boosting the search ranking of a website.
A premium domain name has a high perceived value and is equivalent to a waterfront real estate, limited but in high demand. It has the potential to fetch a high resell value.

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