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What is Alibaba Mail?

Enterprise-grade email service on the cloud

Email management services for business made easy, fast, secure and stable!

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Why use Alibaba Mail?

Alibaba Mail 3
Alibaba Mail 3

i. Professional Company Domain

  • Showcase professionalism in your email communications.
  • Authentic, credible and trustworthy.
  • Build customers confidence and business success rate.

ii. Security & Safety

  • Protect all business email communications.
  • Spam mail detection and elimination.
  • Lower cybersecurity risks.
  • 20+ international, regional and industry-specific security compliances
  • GDPR data compliance
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iii. Large Storage Mail Box

  • Enjoy 1TB mail box storage and 10GB cloud storage.
  • Never frustrate over insufficient space problem anymore.
  • Send and receive large email attachments up to 2GB.

iv. Built-in Value-Added Features

  • Increase work productivity with free value-added built-in functionalities to speed up your email communication.
  • Cross-device available and full access to a comprehensive list of features, including basic user features and administrative features.
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v. Speedy Performance

  • Enjoy exclusive channels for global email service.
  • More than 20 data centres across 6 continents and in 70+ countries.
  • Send/Receive large emails in a quick and reliable way.

vi. All-inclusive 24/7 Customer Support

  • 24/7 technical support, get technical help anytime!
  • Free support, no extra charges.
  • Quick after-sale support within 18 hours.

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Alibaba Mail Reseller Plans

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Minimum LicensesMail Box StoragePersonal Cloud StorageEmail AttachmentSubscription Terms (month)Promotion Price (USD)
(1 license)
Basic3100GB5GB1GB12.00 4.5
36.00 13.5
1215.00 45
2427.00 90
3645.00 135
6075.00 225
Advance31TB10GB2GB12.50 6
37.50 18