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The AdultBlock service blocks all unauthorised domain
of the submitted term in all four
adult-themed TLDs – .adult, .porn, .sex, and .xxx.
The AdultBlock+ service provides all the protections of AdultBlock, but takes
it one step further by blocking all look-alike variations that look confusingly
similar to the trademark term.

Why AdultBlock and AdultBlock+?

Protect your brand from reputation damage, cybersquatting, phishing and malicious code
Safeguard your brand’s intellectual property
Block premium domain names at no additional cost

Features of AdultBlock and AdultBlock+

AdultBlock AdultBlock+
Block the label across all 4 TLDs (.adult, .porn, .sex, and .xxx)
Premium domain name blocking
Blocking of domains when they become available
Variation Labels in SMD File and Sunrise B

Unicode variation blocking – homoglyphs & IDNs running
to potentially thousands per name

Labels Covered
Registration Periods
1, 3, 5 and 10 years
1, 3, 5 and 10 years


Trademark holders with a valid Signed Mark Data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH), dotXXX Sunrise B participants. Trademark owners that own trademarks under Registered Trademark, Unregistered Trademark, Company Name or Celebrity Name are eligible to subscribe for AdultBlock service.

The service covers all four adult-themed TLDs - .XXX, .SEX, .ADULT and .PORN.

No, domains that are currently registered cannot be blocked until the name is deleted or expires.

Once the redemption period has ended and the domain name becomes available, it will be added to the block for the remaining service period of the block registration service.

The variations generation software is based on Unicode Consortium standards. This means that the service blocks characters available today along with any future language character sets that become available in the ICM Registry TLDs. Currently, the AdultBlock+ service supports over 20 languages and scripts.

Yes, the service will block other confusingly similar characters for example, replacing an ‘L’ with a ‘1’ and an ‘E’ with a ‘3’.

Yes, registrants may transfer the AdultBlock service between registrars. The transfer request will add one additional year to the life of the service.

Registry will check the validity of the SMD file from time to time during the AdultBlock service period. Registrants are responsible for ensuring the SMD file remains valid.

All blocked domains will include the following message in the WHOIS database, “This name subscribes to the AdultBlock+ product; therefore, this name is not available for registration”.

Sunrise Bs expire in December 2021. Registrars will work with Sunrise B customers to decide whether they want to buy an AdultBlock registration or not. If not, the name will become generally available unless it is otherwise part of the AdultBlock program (i.e., another trademark owner purchases an AdultBlock for that name).

There are no additional costs to applicant when using the verification service. The registry however reserves the right, on a cost recovery basis, to charge for failed applications. Your AdultBlock accredited provider will work with you to ensure all the information provided is correct at the time of application, however if your application fails, the registry reserves the right to charge you or your provider for the verification attempt charges.

Please visit the Registry page for more information.

Have inquiries about AdultBlock & AdultBlock+?

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