Registry Lock

What is Registry Lock? Registry lock is an extra layer of protection from “Domain Hijacking”.

The lock blocks unauthorized access for changes to update, delete or transfer. Also, it would against unauthorized modifications from unauthorized person.

Therefore, the verification process of the service will be conducted by offline.

Website Hijack Protection 1

Who needs Registry Lock?

This service is recommended for certain industries, such as:

Website Hijack Protection 2

Banks and financial institutions, governmental departments, and public services

Website Hijack Protection 3

Brand owners with an active online presence

Website Hijack Protection 4

Online shops, online service providers;

Website Hijack Protection 5

Businesses that communicate confidential or sensitive information with their clients;

Website Hijack Protection 6

Owners of websites of high traffic volumes.

Website Hijack Protection 7

Websites handling sensitive and confidential information

What extension we offer Registry Lock Service?

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