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What are gTLDs?

gTLDs are not restricted to any geographic or country designation. It can be registered by anyone on the internet anywhere around the world.

Classic and most well-known gTLDs:

.com .net .biz .info .org

Advantages of gTLDs:
  • Reputable and renown .com domains have been long in existence, an indirect advantage for a website.

  • Can be used internationally for any country and region, good for international SEO strategies.

  • SEO linking from the main domain benefits subdirectories of different country and region, better for faster positioning compared to ccTLDs.

  • New gTLDs introduced, increasing domain name varieties for easier identification of a website’s purpose.

What are ccTLDs?

ccTLDs are restricted to a specific geographic or country designation. Additional verification process to register, and subject to approval.

Some examples of ccTLDs:

.co .sg .io .tw .uk

Advantages of ccTLDs:
  • Powerful indicator for search engine that this website is for a specific country.

  • Usually outrank gTLDs in search engine results, providing the website version that is relevant to the user’s location.

  • Assign a specific location to a website, making the location of the server hosting the website irrelevant.

  • Provides trust and confidence to local customers.

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