WebNIC Launches New Thai Language For Its Website


WebNIC official website now comes in Thai language to better serve and convene Thai audience.

Singapore, Sep. 29, 2020 /Online PR News/ — Web Commerce Communications Limited (dba WebNIC), a well-known Southeast Asia (SEA) region domain registrar serving over 5,000 active partners globally, has recently launched a new language for its website, Thai language. The new language aims to help WebNIC’s Thai partners to facilitate an enhanced user experience and greater convenience, while also aiming to expand WebNIC’s business in Thailand. WebNIC sells various products, including domain name extensions, SSL certificates, web security services, email & cloud services, trademark protection, as well as digital brand management.

Thailand is experiencing an explosive growth in the adoption of the Internet among its population. According to data by The World Bank, the percentage of Internet users among the total Thailand population has tripled from 22.4% in 2010 to 66.6% in 2019, which means the Internet landscape in Thailand is experiencing a rapid growth rate. More websites are being built to serve Thai people, and WebNIC views this development as a huge opportunity to expand its business in Thailand. The demand for web solutions in Thailand will increase in tandem with the growth of Internet users in Thailand. With the introduction of its website in Thai language, WebNIC is aiming to attract Thai people to join as its partner in offering web solutions to the local IT professionals.

To achieve the aforementioned aim, WebNIC views Thai language as a crucial requirement in expanding their business in Thailand. Many web users prefer to browse websites in their native language, and using native Thai language is more familiar and convenient for Thai people. It also builds more trust and confidence among them, which lowers the obstacle for them to sign up as a WebNIC partner. WebNIC also mentioned that Thai language will help its website to rank higher in local Thailand search results, which gives it a competitive advantage in building awareness among the Thai community of web professionals. It expects its brand awareness to improve among them, contributed by more effective communication in Thai language.

WebNIC is confident that having a Thai language version of their website will help it to establish a strong presence to expand its business in Thailand. Currently, it has already expanded its business presence in Thailand, and it expects the new Thai language version of its website to further boost its expansion. IT professionals in Thailand can now deal with WebNIC in their native language.

About WebNIC

WebNIC operates a digital reseller platform covering primarily domain name registration for 600 TLDs, web security services, email and cloud services. With offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Taipei and Jakarta, it serves 5,000 active resellers in over 70 countries. With 20 years’ experience, WebNIC accelerates its reseller’s growth through a robust platform, attentive support and wholesale pricing. Please visit https://www.webnic.cc/ for more information or email them at [email protected].
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