20 Years Anniversary 1

WebNIC is
20 years old!

WebNIC is 20 years old!

Thank you to all past and present partners who have worked with us and stayed with us along the way!
It was a long but amazing 20 years, thank you all for keeping us in business!
We won’t be here without the support from all of our global community of partners!

Thank you to all registries and partners who wished us Happy Birthday!
We look forward to working with you to achieve more success with you by our side!

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20 Years Anniversary 2
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Our History

WebNIC started humbly back in 2000. It was a risky time period for any tech companies, between the dot-com bubble (1994 – 2000) and the start of the dot-com crash (2000 – 2004). However, founders TK Tan and ST Wong never feared and shared a great vision for the future of the technology industry. They held a strong belief that the technology industry will ride out the storm and welcome a new age of explosive growth and that it will shape the foundation of our society.

The founders steered WebNIC in the direction of aiming to become the domain industry disruptor and is still doing so to this date. Back then, with a background in such a trialling period of time for the technology industry, where nothing seemed to be in shape, WebNIC has played a major role is shaping the way the domain industry works today as we know it.

Today, WebNIC has evolved into a leading authority in technology services, a one-stop online solution wholesaler furnishing the best solutions to meet business needs. WebNIC has connected the dots between global technology experts and helped shape the current Internet domain industry. WebNIC has also become a strong identity in helping to accelerate the growth of technology businesses globally.

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Together we're stronger.
Stand strong with our heroes!

Celebration Without Forgetting Our Corporate Social Responsibilities

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