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Asia's One-stop Website Solutions Expert
Asia's One-stop Website Solutions Expert
Asia's One-stop Website Solutions Expert
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We're a Partner,
Not Just a Distributor
We're a Partner, Not Just a Distributor
We're a Partner, Not Just a Distributor

Since 2000 we've delivered millions of domains for companies of all sizes

Since 2000 we've delivered millions of domains for companies of all sizes

Since 2000 we've delivered millions of domains for companies of all sizes

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You Have Ideas, We Have Solutions
You Have Ideas, We Have Solutions
You Have Ideas, We Have Solutions
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The No.1 ICANN Accredited Registrar in ASEAN

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Your 1-Stop Shop for Web Solution, Domain Names, Website Security.

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Strictly B2B with unbeatable price, delivering your wholesale needs.

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Connecting you to local market, handling your market expansion needs

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Multiple Integration Channel, we support API, WHMCS, EPP, pre-build storefront

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User-friendly Web Portal

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Multilingual Sales & Support Team

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Available 24/7

Transform your business
with us

Great Domain Names Are Priceless

Become a domain reseller and provider! Offer global domain names registration service and help your customers secure great domain names! Be it gTLDs, new gTLDs or ccTLDs!

Step Up Your Reselling Business

Established for more than 18 years in South East Asia, we have vast experience in everything website solutions related, from domain names to SSL certificates, malware removal to Registry Lock. We provide strategic support for resellers in their market expansion needs.

Business Matters, So Does Our Resellers

Our support is dedicated in solving any of your business needs, providing solutions until you are satisfied. And we are flexible in providing solutions. Afterall, the fastest way of growing is to grow together.


1. Who is WebNIC?

WebNIC is an internationally recognized B2B Internet Service Wholesaler focus in domain name registration, web security solution and digital brand management. WebNIC is currently serving over 4500 resellers worldwide and recognized as one of the Top ICANN Accredited Registrar.

2. What is Domain wholesale ?

WebNIC as a registrar, supply domain names in bulk with a lower prices that allow to be sold on by resellers at a profit. WebNIC has a strong portfolio of worldwide domain names including the most commonly used gTLDs, popular New gTLDs, and ccTLDs in Asian, Europe, America, Africa, and Australia.

3. What is Web Security?

Web security, also known as Cyber Security, is an application to protect your websites and servers from cyberattack. Web security helps to detect the website’s potential risks and provides solutions to addreess them.

4. What is SSL?

Secure Socket Layer (SSL) is a standard security technology that encrypt the data transmitted between browsers and servers. In addition, it turns HTTP into HTTPS and it certificates the authenticity of a website by validating the domain and company.


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$2.50 $24.0

ENDS 30-09-19

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$13.99 $47.0

ENDS 31-12-19

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$13.99 $27.0

ENDS 31-12-19

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$13.99 $27.0

ENDS 31-12-19

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Stand Out In E-Commerce With .shop

E-commerce is a trend now and it is estimated that there are more than 10 million e-commerce sites in the world. It is a competitive landscape for anyone who wishes to start an e-commerce site. However, researches and studies around the world are optimistic about e-commerce and predict that it will continue to grow in the future. So, if your customers are considering whether to start an e-commerce site, you should recommend them to proceed without worries.

The question is, with so many e-commerce sites available now, how can you help your customers’ e-commerce sites to stand out? The simplest and easiest way is to help them to draw attention to their e-commerce sites with a .shop domain. It is definitely more memorable when an e-commerce site’s web address ends with a .shop. It tells online shoppers instantly that the e-commerce site is prepared to fulfil their orders. Stand out in e-commerce with .shop! WebNIC is offering .shop promotion at the moment. For September 2019, claim .shop with a low price of $2.50! Draw more attention to your customers’ e-commerce sites with a web address ending with .shop! Contact us now, [email protected], to learn more.

Showcase Creative Works and Stand Out With .design

Designers and creative professionals can now stand out more on the Internet with .design. Using .design helps their designs and portfolio to catch attention on the Internet. With .design, audience can almost instantly know they are a creative person, and becomes curious to explore their portfolio. It feels pleasant to look at beautiful designs, and what better way is there to attract audience than having a .design domain?

It is important for designers and creative professionals to showcase their portfolio, because their portfolio conveys their personalities and speaks out who they are. A beautiful portfolio combined with a .design, it is the perfect combination to attract audience to view their designs! .design is the perfect domain that gives designers the opportunity to show their very best. It also helps in their branding, and gives other people more confidence and persuasion. It brings personal branding to a new level, and their .design domain will be a part of who they are. There is no perfection in designs, but there is one perfection you can help designers and creative professionals to add on to their portfolio, and that is to help them to showcase their designs and creative works with .design! In case you do not know, WebNIC is now running a promotion for .design. You can get your hands on .design at a slashed price of $13.99, instead of the normal $47! Get in touch with us now to learn more details! Terms and conditions apply.

Share, Collaborate and Learn With .wiki

When one comes across .wiki, learning new stuffs comes into mind. It is not just limited to learning knowledge, it can be learning new crafts, new skills, new how-tos, or it can even be learning about pop culture such as movies, games, TV dramas etc. It is now a general consensus that .wiki is synonymous to sharing knowledge, collaborating and learning. It brings people with similar interests together, and acts as a uniting force for them. It is fit for a website where users work with each other and collaboratively modify contents and navigation directly, in order to provide accurate information and knowledge to help each other out.

.wiki is strongly associated with Wikipedia, one of the world’s most well-known website. This gives an advantage to websites using .wiki, positioning themselves as an authority. This is perfect for users who want to associate themselves with learning, collaboration and academic authority. In conclusion, .wiki is perfect for collaboration on informational websites and acts as an invitation to seek and share information. It helps users to contribute and learn knowledge from each other and makes collaboration easier. WebNIC is now offering .wiki promotion! For a limited time, get .wiki at a discount price of $13.99, instead of the normal $27! Contact us immediately to learn more about the promotion! Terms and conditions apply.

Leave a Mark Online With .ink

It is the perfect opportunity now to sell .ink domain to a diverse group of artists like writers, painters, calligraphers, tattooists and more. Help them make a mark on the vast Internet landscape with .ink, just the same way they are making their marks with ink in the real physical world. Ink plays a huge role for these creative professionals as they use it to evoke their own unique personalities and to stand out in a unique way. .ink is the right choice for creative professionals who are looking for ways to fuse creativity into their online presence. This is true in a sense that a URL or email address ending in .ink will score a better impression with viewers.

Although .ink is being used mainly by the ink and printing industries, many other creatives and artists are also enjoying the free association of ink with creativity. The printing industry has a natural affinity with .ink, while creative professionals of all types, even if not using ink, still enjoy the unique relationship between ink and creativity. It can be said that .ink is a great choice for artists and creative professionals to showcase their uniqueness and passion for beauty. Invite your creative customers to be a part of the .ink community to evoke their unique styles and personalities! For your information, WebNIC is offering .ink promotion for a limited time! Get .ink now for $13.99! Terms and conditions apply.