A Domain that Epitomises Growth-.Asia

A Domain that Epitomises Growth-.Asia 1

.Asia, established as a unique domain to represent the Earth’s largest and most populous continent is growing ever more popular. Consistent GDP and population growth have positioned Asia as a fertile ground for investments as well as start-up growth.

Here are 5 reasons why you should invest in a .Asia domain right now:

1. Unicorns

Asia accounts for 40% of the world’s unicorn value. This is unsurprising considering the successes of innovative start-up companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Flipkart, and GrabTaxi. The number of unicorns in this region is poised to grow largely contributed by the robust economic environment, increasing GDP growth and increasing the wealth of the population in this region.

2. A Growing Youth Population

Asian countries top the world’s youth population with 5 countries [Bangladesh (48 million), Pakistan (59 million), Indonesia (67 million), China (269 million), and India (356 million)] being ranked among the top 8 highest youth population in the world. A large youth population represents a higher economic resource, increase labour pool and a growing consumer market, factors that can prove beneficial to companies and countries as a whole.

3. Access to the Largest Internet Marketplace

Being the largest continent on Earth it’s not surprising that Asia is also home to the largest Internet Marketplace in the world. Rapid growth in Internet access, high mobile penetration rate, and a booming e-wallet economy will further contribute to the growth of this market.

4. Simplified registration process

On July 15th, 2017 .Asia has updated their policy to allow for easier registrations for entities without pre-existing regional address or proof of local ID. Now everyone can register a .Asia domain with ease.

5. Support Internet development and access in Asia

Feeling charitable? Now you can do some good every time you purchase a domain. Every purchase of .Asia domain contributes to funding Internet development and access in Asia. You can register a .Asia domain at webnic.cc.

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