.info Promo

Terms & Conditions of “.info Promo” (the “Promotion”)

1. The Promotion will run from 10th May 2018, 00:00:01 until 30th June 2018, 23:59:59 (GMT +0800) (“Term”).
2. The Promotion is only applicable for .info extensions.
3. The Promotion will run on a direct charge basis.
4. The Promotion is only valid for new registration only.
5. The Promotion is not applicable for domain renewal, domain transfer and registration of more than 2 years.
6. The Promotion will be priced at USD $3.59 for the first year of registration.
7. The Promotion applies to IDN.
8. The Promotion excludes ALL Premium and Reserved domains.
9. Add Grace Period (AGP) policy does not apply to this promotion. Any purchase of domain will be deemed sold and cancellation of domain will not be entitled to a refund. Registration fees will not be credited to the original top up.
10. In the event that the .info domain registered during the Term have been transferred to another Registrar within 1 year from domain creation, WebNIC reserves the right to claw back whatever discounted amount for .info domain.
11. All prevailing registration policies should still be adhered to.
12. WebNIC reserves the rights to alter the terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.
13. WebNIC reserves the rights to terminate this promotion at any time without prior notice and to charge partners the shortfall should there be any violation of the above rules.

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