The Most Popular ccTLDs by the Number of Domains Registered 1

The Most Popular ccTLDs by the Number of Domains Registered

What is a Country Code Top-level Domain (ccTLD)?

A Country Code Top-level Domain (ccTLD) is a unique 2-letter Internet top-level domain. It is used for a specific country, territory or geographical area to serve the community within it. It follows the internationally recognized country codes and can identify a particular country or geographical area that a website is serving. Anyone can do ccTLD domain name registrations, provided that he/she meets the requirements of said ccTLD and buy the service from a credible ccTLD domain reseller. WebNIC invites you to become a ccTLD domain reseller. Sign up now to get the best domain reseller price for ccTLDs.

The History of ccTLD

The ccTLD policy began when scientists Jon Postel and Paul Mockapetris developed the Domain Name Server (DNS) in 1983. Under a contract with the U.S. government, Postel, and later the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA), managed the DNS and delegated ccTLDs to external parties. The first ccTLD, “.US” (United States) was created and delegated in March 1985. Two other ccTLDs, “.UK” (United Kingdom) and “.IL” (Israel), were also delegated in the same year. Back then, ccTLDs were delegated on a first-come, first-served basis. However, the Internet soon exploded and political problems arose, making this approach to ccTLD delegation no longer feasible. Therefore, Postel started assigning ccTLDs by using the ISO 3166-1 country codes by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to shield itself from political pressures. By the mid-1990s, IANA delegated every possible ccTLDs to all existing countries, including those with limited Internet access.

The Current Status of ccTLD

As of the time of writing, a Verisign publication cited source from Zooknic showed that there is now a total of 304 ccTLD domain name registrations, including Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) worldwide, and 158.7M domains are registered under a ccTLD. The Total number of ccTLD registrations increased 1.9M, or 1.2% from Q1 2019 to Q2 2019, whereby registrations increased by 8.9M, or 6.0% year-over-year.

The data above shows that ccTLDs are very popular and continue to enjoy a high registration rate from the public. The top 10 most popular ccTLDs include .CN (China), .TK (Tokelau), .DE (Germany), .UK (United Kingdom), .TW (Taiwan), .NL (Netherlands), .RU (Russian Federation), .BR (Brazil), .EU (European Union) and .FR (France). These top 10 ccTLDs alone, combine to make up 65.7% of all ccTLD domain name registrations. The most popular ccTLDs by the number of domains registered are listed out below, starting from number 10 to number 1.

10) .FR

.FR was introduced in 1986. It was one of the few earliest ccTLDs to be delegated to a foreign manager by Postel. It currently sits at number 10 by the total number of domains registered, 3.4M. Some example websites include, and

9) .EU

.EU was launched in 2005. It was relatively young in terms of age compared to other ccTLDs, but it has received a high level of popularity. It currently ranks number 9 in the total number of domains registered at 3.7M. Some websites using .EU include, and

8) .BR

.BR was introduced in 1989. It was one of the oldest ccTLDs to be delegated. It currently places number 8 in the total number of domains registered, 4.1M. Some example websites include, and

7) .RU

.RU was launched in 1994. It was one of the many ccTLDs that was delegated to all existing countries in the 1990s. It currently sits at number 7 by the total number of domains registered, 5.7M. Some websites using .RU include, and

6) .NL

.NL was introduced in 1986. It was one of the oldest ccTLDs to be delegated. It currently ranks number 6 in the total number of domains registered, 5.9M. Some example websites include, and

5) .TW

.TW was launched in 1989. It was one of the oldest ccTLDs to be delegated. It currently places number 5 in the total number of domains registered, 6.5M. Some websites using .TW include, and

4) .UK

.UK was introduced in 1985. It was the first few earliest ccTLDs to be delegated to a foreign manager by Postel. It currently sits at number 4 by the total number of domains registered, 13.3M. Some example websites include, and

3) .DE

.DE was launched in 1986. It was one of the oldest ccTLDs to be delegated. It currently ranks number 3 in the total number of domains registered, 16.2M. Some websites using .DE include, and

2) .TK

.TK was introduced in 1997. It enjoyed a high acceptance due to its free policy. However, it is also suffering from a bad reputation due to many hackers and spammers abusing the free policy. It currently places number 2 in the total number of domains registered, 22.5M.

1) .CN

.CN was launched in 1990. It was one of the many ccTLDs that was delegated to all existing countries in the 1990s. It currently sits at number 1 by the total number of domains registered, 23.0M. Some websites using .CN include, and

A Summary of the Most Popular ccTLDs

Rank ccTLD Number of Registrations
1 .CN 23.0M
2 .TK 22.5M
3 .DE 16.2M
4 .UK 13.3M
5 .TW 6.5M
6 .NL 5.9M
7 .RU 5.7M
8 .BR 4.1M
9 .EU 3.7M
10 .FR 3.4M


ccTLDs are excellent for websites serving specific geolocation. It serves as a powerful indicator to search engines that a website is targeted for a particular country or location. As a result, websites which use ccTLDs have a higher chance to rank higher on localized search results page for users. Also, ccTLDs provide a higher level of trust and confidence for local users.

We believe that ccTLDs will become more welcomed by website owners soon, as the trend shows Internet users prefer localized search results as they are more relevant to them. ccTLDs might play a considerable role in such a scenario. Join us now and become a ccTLD domain reseller partner of WebNIC. Sign up now to get the best domain reseller price for ccTLDs. Grab the chance now to ride the wave to the future where ccTLDs are even more common than now, or even preferred by Internet users all around the world.

About WebNIC
WebNIC is accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, we serve 4,500+ active resellers over 70 countries. To join us and become a reseller, live chat with us or email us at [email protected].

Improve Work Productivity With Microsoft Office 365 2

Improve Work Productivity With Microsoft Office 365

Improve Work Productivity With Microsoft Office 365

Technology has transformed our lives significantly, especially the modern workplace. It has become more digital with the help of powerful computers and software solutions. Microsoft Office 365 is leading the workplace transformation with its comprehensive suite of applications, which improves work productivity and collaboration between colleagues. Some of the notable applications which are essential in doing business include the classic Office apps, Teams, Sharepoint, Yammer and Sway.

The traditional ways of maintaining communication and collaboration across offices used to be costly in terms of time and money. They are also highly inefficient and prone to mistakes. However, a technological solution like Office 365 is gradually shaping modern business communications and replacing traditional ways. It improves the efficiency of communication and collaboration, reduces mistakes caused by human errors, and it is cost-effective.

What is Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription service to Microsoft’s workplace productivity applications and tools. It is a cloud-based solution, consisting of a comprehensive suite of productivity applications, including but not limited to Office apps, email client, calendar, presentation tools, and cloud storage. These productivity tools are regularly updated and improved, from security, bug fixes, and small tweaks to brand new features. They are aimed to create, communicate, collaborate and get great work done. It is perfect for a modernized workplace, where the power of technology enhances business processes.

Why is Office 365 Worth Taking Attention?

A modernized workplace takes advantage of technology to speed up business processes and increases work efficiency. Getting more done in less time is the key to high productivity level. A modernized workplace should be:
– Easy collaboration
– Highly efficient and fast education and training
– Easy access and compilation of documents
– Automated business processes, for both internal and external
– Digitalizing processes internally, as well as customers, partners, suppliers or any other third parties
The only way to achieve this is effective collaboration and communication, and Office 365 provides the right tools to do so. Every individual in a business will achieve higher work throughput with Office 365, and as a result increases productivity and work quality.

What kind of productivity improvement does Office 365 offer?

One of the most powerful features of Office 365 is the capability to streamline the entire workflow process. The comprehensive suite of applications is well-integrated with each other, making it possible for employees to work securely anytime, anywhere, across all devices. It is now possible to create documents in an office desktop, edit them on a laptop while on the go, preview using a smartphone and present them to clients using a tablet. The documents are always available, enabling quick and convenient access to work whenever, wherever, on any devices.

Another powerful feature of Office 365 is it greatly increases the effectiveness of collaboration and authoring. Employees of businesses with offices in multiple locations can now easily collaborate for work. Co-workers and team members may not always be available on-site, and the traditional way of communication entails emailing back and forth, which is highly inefficient. With Office 365, every employee or team member can unleash the power of teamwork to collaborate in real time to edit and make changes to the working file in a virtual office. Everyone is updated and on the same page, which significantly reduces confusion and errors. Versioning is also available in case unwanted changes are made, which then can be rolled back easily.

Last but not least, Office 365 simplifies file organization and access in a team environment. It is the perfect place for posting team and project-related news, updates, information, videos in an organized way. It is suitable for both short-term teams and long-term project teams. Team members can easily access files in one centralized storage place without worrying about duplicate files or out-of-sync files. Office 365 can act as a document library for essential team files, ensuring that everyone is in sync in terms of team-related works. Files are in an integrated environment, always available, resulting in increased work productivity and efficiency.

Who Does Office 365 Benefit?

Every individual working in an office environment can benefit from Office 365. It is safe to say that just any professional worker will require an email account and calendar application in the workplace. At some point in time, most individuals will definitely have to use a word processor, a presentation software, a spreadsheet and perform documents management. Office 365 is the right tool for any professional individuals as it consists of all the necessary tools required to perform professionally and effectively.

Get Office 365 Now to Help Your Business

We are happy to offer Office 365 subscription. This comprehensive and powerful suite of productivity applications is perfect for powering your business processes. Effective communication and collaboration are vital in ensuring a highly productive work environment and well-managed business processes. Encouraging employees to do so with the right tools is the first step, therefore Microsoft Office 365 is the best option for any businesses to do so.
For more information on Office 365 subscription and other promotions, contact us at [email protected] We are more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Successful New gTLD Domains Registry Radix Obtains .UNO 3

Successful New gTLD Domains Registry Radix Obtains .UNO

At the beginning of October 2019, the leading new domains registry Radix announced to the public it closed a deal to acquire .UNO from Dot Latin LLC. It completed the transfer of ownership in September 2019, and now has the exclusive rights to operate .UNO globally. The earliest that .UNO will be available for Radix’s 200+ registrar partners, including WebNIC, is projected to be in early 2020.

.UNO is a 3-letter new top-level domain. It is expected that this category of domain will become more popular as time progresses. Trends have shown that 3-letter new top-level domains are gaining acceptance globally and recorded a consistent and natural increase of new registrations. To put it in context, 4 out of the top 10 new domain extensions (by zone size) are 3-letter domains, with a combined total of 8.5 million+ registrations. .UNO will be the second 3-letter domain under Radix after .FUN, which was acquired by Radix in H1 2017.

An Introduction of .UNO

.UNO means “one” in Spanish and resonates well with Spanish, Portuguese and Italian speaking communities. It is perfect for businesses that serve these communities. It was first operated by Dot Latin LLC and started about 5 years ago, but has struggled to grow. However, renewals appear to be somewhat strong, according to Radix standards, without having to rely on promotions or throwaway one-year registrations for growth. .UNO currently ranks 138 as of the time of writing among the new top-level domains with approximately 16.5K registrations. It peaked at about 22K about 3 years ago.

Radix Appears to be Very Excited With .UNO

Speaking about the acquisition, Sandeep Ramchandani, CEO, Radix, said, “We are excited to add .UNO to our portfolio which boasts of some of the most successful new extensions. As with our other TLDs, the idea is to invest in various marketing avenues to take .UNO to the market with our strong registrar network; specifically in geographies such as Latin America and Asia where there is an affinity to the string.”

It seems that Radix already has plans on how to market and promote .UNO. As it is the leading registry for new top-level domains, we are confident that it will be able to bring .UNO to new heights. Two of Radix’s most successful domains include .ONLINE and .SITE, each with over 1 million registrations, and we hope that .UNO can achieve the same success.

In case you do not know, Radix is the leading new top-level domains registry behind domain extensions like .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST, .FUN and one re-purposed ccTLD, .PW. With the addition of .UNO, Radix will be officially offering 11 new top-level domains. As an accredited registrar of Radix, WebNIC offers .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .PRESS, .SITE, .HOST and .PW. If you have any clients that operate businesses in these fields, it will be great to offer them the chance to brand themselves with these new top-level domains. The good news is, promotion is now ongoing for .ONLINE, .STORE, .TECH, .WEBSITE, .SPACE, .SITE and .HOST until 31 December 2019. Contact us to learn more details. Drop us an email at [email protected] or live chat with us!

About WebNIC

WebNIC is accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, we serve 4,500+ active resellers over 70 countries. To join us and become a reseller, live chat with us or email us at [email protected]

What .tech Domain Achieved in Just 4 Short Years 4

What .tech Domain Achieved in Just 4 Short Years

What .tech Domain Achieved in Just 4 Short Years

.tech turns 4 this year and it has been a great journey for this New generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). It stands out and speaks for the tech communities from all around the world, be it tech brands, start-ups, communities, individuals, events or tech initiatives. It is the perfect domain name for all things tech. It helps to differentiate a tech start-up brand from the millions of brands worldwide.

The Success of .tech

Radix, the registry behind the .tech New gTLD, published information on the achievements of .tech, showing its success is unique and on a league of its own. Not a single New gTLD is able to accomplish what .tech has, and we are willing to bet that there will not be one. In case you are wondering, below is a list of the achievements:

  1. According to CrunchBase, at least 170 start-ups on .tech were able to secure $2 billion Venture Capital funding between 2017 to 2019, the highest amongst nTLDs. These start-ups come from various industries, including auto, crypto, mobility, energy etc. Some of the top start-ups that succeed in securing VC funds on .tech include , and
  2.  As of June 2019, data from CrunchBase also shows that start-ups are using more than 250 new TLDs and .tech is the most popular among them, used by 650+ start-ups.
  3. .tech is associated with 30+ Premium Strategic Partners and has a staggering community reach of 40M+ , including top partners GitHub (35M+ members), Learn to Code With Me (500K+ listeners) and famous web development instructor Rob Percival (1.2M+ students).
  4. Over 400+ events and hackathons have been supported by .tech, reaching 100K+ techies around the world. Notable events include Consumer Electronics Show (, JazzCon ( and StanHacks (
  5. Endorsed by 60+ tech thought leaders, using .tech for their websites. The combined social reach of these thought leaders are a staggering 10M+ followers. Top tech gurus using .tech include Austin Evans ( with 5M+ social reach, Edgar ( with 1.8M+ social reach and Dom Esposito ( with 500K+ social reach, just to name a few.

Suman Das, Director of Brand Operations at Radix, said, “Since its launch, there has been a steady organic uptake across the tech industry with start-ups, small tech businesses, thought leaders, pioneers, and communities adopting .tech domain extension for branding their online presence.”.

It is clear that .tech is highly popular and resonates well with the tech communities worldwide. Its popularity further increased when industry big names such as CES (, Intel (, Viacom ( decided to use .tech for their websites. It has become the preferred domain for technology start-ups because it speaks out their identity. It is available, short, easily recallable and brandable. Tech start-ups have the perfect opportunity to showcase their determination to change the world with their pioneering tech ideas using .tech.

“Our primary focus has always been to ensure that .tech is presented as an enabler of tech and product innovation to the growing community of technology enthusiasts, and to increase awareness of not just .tech but also the new top-level domains industry on the whole”, Suman Das further added.

Radix performed independent market research back in June 2019 among tech professionals and tech students. The results were very positive, and that one in two respondents was aware of .tech domain extension. They also found out that attributes such as credibility, uniqueness, and suitability for tech businesses are strongly associated with .tech domain extension.

When asked about the future of .tech domain extension, Suman Das added, “We will continue with our efforts to amplify the visibility for .tech amongst the tech ecosystem. With high-impact partnerships and adoption across the spectrum, we wish to make .tech the most sought-after domain extension in the global tech industry.”

.tech is 4 years old now, and is one of the premier domain extensions offered by Radix, along with .online, .store, .tech, .website, .space, .press, .site, .host, .fun, .uno and one re-purposed ccTLD, .pw. The total number of domains managed by Radix has surpassed 5 million as of July 2019. Radix is one of the few registries that obtains a huge success with its range of domain offerings, and we are eager to see how the future of .tech success will be like.

WebNIC is proud to be an accredited registrar of Radix, offering .tech domain. If you are currently providing services to tech companies, .tech is perfectly suitable for them to use for their websites. The good news is, WebNIC is currently running a promotion for .tech. Our promotion period runs until 31 December 2019, in which you can get for $3.99 only! Hurry up and contact us to learn more details about .tech promotion. Drop us an email at [email protected] or live chat with us!

Domain .eu

Europeans Can Register .EU Domains Anywhere in the World

Europeans Can Register .EU Domains Anywhere in the World Starting From 19 October 2019

It has been announced by the .EU registry EURid that any Europeans living outside of Europe are now eligible to register .EU starting from 19 October 2019. This was previously impossible as .EU registrants are required to be based in Europe, with a valid Europe address, to be considered as eligible to register for .EU. The announcement is good news for any Europeans currently based outside of Europe, which they were once previously ineligible to register.

A Brief Background of .EU Domain

The top-level domain .EU currently ranks as the eighth-largest country code top-level domain (ccTLD) in the world. It achieved more than 3.7 million registrations across Europe, ever since it launched back in 2006. The number of registrations per year averages more than 20k, and it is considered as one of the most popular ccTLDs. This is especially true when the launch of .EU yielded impressive registration numbers for its Sunrise phases and Landrush (general public availability).

The Reason Behind the Change

Citing the need to meet the ever-changing needs of the digital environment and the Internet, EURid stated that this change is necessary in order to serve the community of Europeans from around the world. It also mentioned that there are approximately 12 million Europeans living in the US, Canada, and Australia alone, not accounting the rest of the world, and they are all ineligible for registering .EU prior to the change due to geographic restrictions.

With this change effective from 19 October 2019, EURid hopes to provide these individuals with an online platform so that they can take the opportunity to connect their lives with families and friends back home. Regardless of where these individuals are, EURid stated that registering a .EU domain will be like a European passport on the Internet, representing reliable, trustworthy and secure. The domain .EU is suitable for blogs, travel diary or personal business, and will bring individual and consumer rights under European standards and regulations.

“We are excited to be able to extend the registration criteria to EU citizens around the world. The .eu domain is now closer to your ambitions, achievements, and dreams. It is the bridge connecting you to your friends and family – even if you live outside the EU. It will always show your roots, your outlook, and your cultural values.” – Marc Van Wesemael, EURid`s CEO.

WebNIC is an accredited registrar of EURid and offers .EU domain to our partners. If you have any European customers, this is an excellent opportunity to inform them of this change: Europeans can register .EU domains anywhere in the world starting from 19 October 2019.

About WebNIC

WebNIC is accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, we serve 4,500+ active resellers over 70 countries. To join us and become a reseller, live chat with us or email us at [email protected] Domain to be Auctioned This Autumn 2019 Domain to be Auctioned This Autumn 2019

The Paris Fashion Week 2019 ended recently, and the Internet domain industry was excited by an announcement on the final day of the event. It was announced that one of the most valuable .coms on the net,, are to be auctioned off this Autumn 2019. This is massive news because is one of the most sought-after and highly valued domains. Domain industry experts believe that it will fetch a record-breaking price.

A Brief History of was registered back in 1994. The domain’s three current owners originally started out together to work on a fashion project. While starting out, they believed they needed a domain for their business needs and discovered that was available, so they decided to buy it. However, things did not proceed as planned, and their plans changed, leaving the domain unused until today.
As time goes on, the Internet age exploded and domains trading quickly became a norm. At the same time, the fashion industry skyrocketed as well, fetching in billions of revenue each year. As fashion is a keyword in English, the domain quickly became a highly sought-after and highly valued domain. This is because is short, easy and leaves a powerful impression. As a result, dozens of individuals and companies reached out to the current owners of and offered to purchase it over the past 25 years.

“ is a rare one: iconic, highly memorable and easily searched.
It should generate strong sales numbers while saving its buyer
millions in sales and marketing costs.”
— Karine Kugler, CEO & Internet Marketing Expert

A Formal Auction to Ensure Fairness for All Parties to Bid for

Due to the overwhelming inquiries from many parties, the owners have agreed to sell through auction, a formal and systematic bidding process. This ensures fairness and equal opportunities for all those interested in acquiring it.
The auction is believed to incorporate both private bidding and if necessary, a public auction. Private bidding will begin 24th October 2019 and the public auction, if needed, is scheduled on 21st November 2019.
The reason behind this is to account for the fact that some buyers are unwilling to make public the amount of their winning bids. Therefore, private bidding is a necessary procedure. The official service providers include the global leader in secure online escrow payments,, and the pioneering Dutch online auction platform Auction-Experts, which will oversee the entire process of the auction and its related software.

The Overall Process of the Auction

Private bidding will start from 2 PM EST on Thursday, 10th October 2019. Any interested parties can register as a bidder through links on after the specified time. Each pre-qualified, registered bidders can only bid once. It is not possible to increase bid against other bidders as all bids are confidential. Private bidding closes at 11 PM EST on Thursday, 7th November 2019.
In the event that the seller does not accept the winning bid of private bidding, public bidding will commence on Thursday, 21st November, 2019. The highest price resulting from the public auction will be compared to the highest private bid. The higher of these two resulting winners will become the new owner of

The information presented in this article is accurate as of the time of writing.
Please note that all details on this page are unofficial descriptions of the bidding process for, with the official rules to be formally detailed as part of the bidding registration process which begins 10th October.
For detailed information about the auction, please visit to learn more!

Not interested in Then, check out our extensive range of Top-level Domains available. We are also currently offering promotions for selected domains, visit now to learn more! WebNIC is a leading authority in technology services, offering one-stop online solution focused on domain name wholesale service, online security solution, trademark protection, and digital brand management. We are accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia and Taiwan, we serve 4,500+ active resellers over 70 countries. To join us and become a reseller, live chat with us or email us at [email protected]

reason for blogging

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging

The Advantages of Starting a Blog

Did the thought of becoming a blogger ever cross your mind before? You are not alone as many people have come across this thought before. Blogging is a potential career and it is only normal to see a growing blogging community everywhere in the world. If you are still unsure about whether you should start blogging, here are 10 reasons why you should.

  1. Challenge and improve yourself

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 5

Blogging is well-known to be a challenging task, but it is a great way to improve yourself. Blogging will definitely increase your knowledge in web skills, such as starting a website, hosting it, maintaining it and monetizing it, etc. Your web technical skills will improve and benefit you in this technological world. It will also improve your writing skills and expand your general knowledge for whatever topics your blog is about. Blogging is about planning, dedication, and consistency, and you will find yourself better at these aspects once you start to blog.

  1. Demonstrate your creativity

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 6

Blogging is not limited to writing articles and publishing words only. You can choose from publishing any forms of creativity to help your audience enjoy your content. You can use photos, artworks, images, infographics, videos, animations, music, podcasts, etc., whichever type of creative you prefer. You can even design an interactive customer journey for your blog so that the audience feels very engaged and love your content. There are limitless opportunities to build your blog and the only limit is you. Feel free to express your creativity and be who you want to be through blogging.

  1. Meet and make new friends

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 7

Blogging provides a good opportunity to help you meet people and make new friends. You can join many different blogging communities across the world and learn from the people there. It is also a good chance for you to share your knowledge and help members of the communities. Although blogging seems like a one-man show, but soon enough you will meet fellow blogging peers who share a common interest with you and reach out to you. You might also build new connections with people by attending real-life blogger meet-ups or interviewing people to create content. Blogging helps you build a strong network of friends and peers and this is important for your blog’s success.

  1. Enhance your career

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 8

Blogging is a good method to showcase your skills and qualities to your potential employers. It is a sign to your employer that you have the necessary web skills which are in high demand in today’s technology world. Blogging also shows that you are passionate about what you do and you are motivated and dedicated. It boosts your career prospects and gives you a huge advantage over other people. Blogging improves your web skills and qualities, such as SEO and website security, which are sought after by many employers and you get more advantage in the negotiation, too with matters related to your job, such as salary, employee benefits, etc. Your career prospects will definitely receive a huge boost by blogging.

  1. Make your voice heard by telling stories

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 9

Blogging helps you to express yourself and your voice on things that matter to you. You can share your personal experience and tell your stories to help people who are in a similar situation as you. Blogging also lets you express your opinions and receive bits of advice from peers, or even provide advice to other people to help inspire and motivate them. You might find satisfaction in helping people through your blog. This is especially true when it comes to topics such as illness or hardship, where your blog content has helped other people and has served a good cause. When your blog achieves a certain success, you can even run donation campaigns and help those in need. Blogging can be a meaningful activity and help you to express your views and concerns.

  1. Earn money

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 10

Blogging can help you to earn money online. There are numerous ways to monetize your blog to generate a side income for you. In case you do not know how, check out this link here. The few common ways to make money with your blog is through advertising, affiliate marketing and sponsored posts. Once your blog becomes successful with a huge audience, you can even earn a full-time income through blogging.

  1. Raise your profile

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 11

Blogging builds up your profile and distinguishes you apart from others. You can raise your profile and unlock more new opportunities when you make your name known by creating quality blogs. You never know what opportunities can come your way. Raising your profile helps you gain more exposure to the possibilities of working with big, well-known brands around the world. Big brands might seek you to write a review for them, employers are confident with your capabilities, publishers might reach out to you to publish your contents. Blogging raises your profile and sets you apart.

  1. Position yourself as an expert

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 12

Blogging improves your expertise on your subject matter, and positions you as an authority. It provides a chance for you to pursue more in-depth knowledge of the topics you are discussing. You can present your topics and ideas in any way and as long as you like. In a sense, you become the specialist, and this is an opportunity for you to receive media spotlight, invitations for an interview, take part in a big project or get approached by big companies to be the consultant of the topic. Blogging further improves your knowledge and help you to achieve professional and personal growth, opening the door for big opportunities in the future.


  1. Acquire new knowledge and skills

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 13

Blogging helps you to grow and learn new knowledge and skills. This is extremely important for your professional growth to showcase to other people you are a valuable talent. Other than technical knowledge and skills, blogging also helps you to build up your networking and interpersonal skills. When you consistently produce quality content, you will go the extra mile to learn new things to ensure the quality of your content, and this will result in strong growth in your knowledge and skills. Blogging provides you with knowledge, skills and increases your overall competencies.

  1. Blogging is easier than you think

Top 10 Reasons You Should Get Blogging 14

Technology is so advanced and user-friendly now that you can start a blog as fast as within a few minutes, with just clicking a few buttons. There are many blogging platforms and tools now available online to assist you in managing your blog. Most of these platforms provide you the option to choose and use any of the built-in free templates and layouts, and they are designed to be easily used by anyone. It makes creating and uploading content and images to your blog quick and easy. Blogging is not as complicated as you think. Just remember to get a unique .blog domain, and make your blog stand out from others!

Now you know why you should get blogging! We hope these reasons are enough to resolve your doubts about whether to walk the blogging path. In case you do not know, .blog is available on WebNIC, the leading authority in technology services, offering a one-stop online solution focused on domain name wholesale service, online security solution, trademark protection, and digital brand management. We are an accredited registrar for ICANN, and various countries including Asia, Europe, America, Australasia, and Africa. With offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Korea, Indonesia, and Taiwan, we serve 4,500+ active resellers over 70 countries. Click the green button on the bottom right of your screen to chat with us and learn more about how to get .blog!

5 Benefits of Using New gTLDs for Business 15

5 Benefits of Using New gTLDs for Business

A Brief Background of New gTLDs

New gTLDs are becoming more and more popular with each passing minute. Since they were launched back in 2013, the response for New gTLDs has been very positive. It is an initiative by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), with the aim of expanding the domain name system, while reducing the saturation that is happening with legacy gTLDs such as “.com”, “.net”, “.org”, “.biz”, and “.info”. ICANN hopes to enhance innovation, competition and consumer choice through the introduction of New gTLDs, and as a result the Internet got a whole lot bigger and more interesting.

How is New gTLDs Doing Now?

At present day, there are approximately 1200 New gTLDs available, and the number of domains registered using them comes close to 27 million. This is a remarkable feat, considering that New gTLDs are launched only 6 years ago. On average, ICANN has increased the domain name system by 200 per year, and 4.5 million domains were registered using New gTLDs per year. This is a solid proof that they are well received by the public, and it is not hard to see why, because New gTLDs bring many benefits to the registrants, regardless of whether they are individuals or businesses.

The Benefits of Using New gTLDs for Business

Here are 5 benefits of using New gTLDs for business.

1. New gTLDs help increase branding opportunity for businesses of all sizes

It is known that to register for a desired “.com” gTLD now is an extremely difficult thing to do. It is difficult in the sense that many domain options have been taken and it is challenging to think of one that is suitable for the registrant’s needs. This is especially true for small businesses, which are unable to secure their preferred “.com” domain, as most of them are already registered.
For example, Sean has a small delivery business and wishes to register a domain. It is possible that has been taken and he cannot register for it unless he spends a lot of money to buy it over from the current owner. This is where New gTLDs can come in helpful for Sean. He can look for alternative TLDs such as “.delivery” for his domain. A domain fits Sean’s need perfectly! This is why with the introduction of New gTLDs, the chances for businesses to find the perfect domain is better than ever.
This also provides a possibility for businesses to be creative in establishing their branding, increasing their opportunity to brand themselves the way they preferred. With approximately 1200 New gTLDs available, businesses can enjoy the endless possibilities to register for fun and interesting domains, and also brand themselves in a way never possible before.
This is why businesses should use New gTLDs for their domains, as they increase branding opportunity for businesses big and small alike. Read here if you are unsure how to choose a good domain name.

2. New gTLDs provide improved clarity for a website

The advantage of New gTLDs over legacy gTLDs is that it improves clarity for users to instantly understand what a website is related to and in what industry. It happens very often that when a user visits a website with legacy gTLDs extension, it can be quite difficult for him to identify what this website is about.
Unless the website’s brand is a history-rich and a well-known brand worldwide, it is most probably we will not be able to identify the industry of a website with legacy gTLDs in first glance, like what does this brand do and what industry is it in.
New gTLDs take away this problem. The audience knows what to expect just by looking at a website’s URL using New gTLDs and becomes more curious to learn more. The increased clarity level enables businesses to send out a strong message beforehand, providing the audience a general idea about their services and products.
New gTLDs also help them to gain perspective and understand their audience better, and provides a big boost to help them hit the mark when looking for new target customers on the Internet. The many choices of New gTLDs help businesses to identify and push towards the right niche. Businesses can generate authority within their respective niches and hit their target audience with a certain exactness.
A high clarity website URL, which is easy to understand and presenting a right message, helps a business to generate authority in its niche and provides a better chance to attract the right target audience. This is why businesses should use New gTLDs for their domains. Unsure what to pay attention when choosing a domain name? Read here.

3. New gTLDs help brands to grow and expand

New gTLDs offer opportunities for brands to pivot for growth and expansion, helping a successful brand to maintain its strong presence across different New gTLDs. The advantage to this is that the brand can expand its growth to a different venture, without having to mix up with its core business.
For example, say your local gym brand is a huge success and is looking to diversify its services or offerings. Adding them to the existing website might not be recommended as the website might become too heavy, or the new services might not be related to its core business.
This is where New gTLDs shine, as they are a feasible method for the gym brand to use the desired domains to expand its growth into different sectors, while maintaining its strong brand presence. The brand might want to expand into supplying gym equipment, then is the perfect domain. Or the gym expands into fashion, then is a great domain that suits this particular need.
New gTLDs also offer opportunities for brands to expand into a non-English language market. This is because New gTLDs are available as Internationalized Domain Names (IDN), domain names which are not in ASCII characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9). Brands can take advantage of this and expand into foreign markets, presenting themselves as a local brand, which is usually preferred by the locals.
New gTLDs enable new and exciting marketing opportunity for businesses, offering potential growth and expansion, and that is why using New gTLDs is beneficial for businesses. Here are some tips to choose a great domain name!

4. New gTLDs leave a memorable and lasting impression

A successful business always leaves a strong and lasting impression for its customers, and New gTLDs can contribute to this, too. A good domain name is short and memorable, and it is recommended for all businesses to register for such domains. This is because they are able to get recognized easily by customers and they are easy to be typed in the web browser. After all, no one wants to type in a long domain name which is difficult to remember.
On another hand, to get short and memorable domain names with legacy gTLDs is obviously quite difficult now, since most of them are registered already. However, New gTLDs do not have this problem, at least not as apparent as the legacy gTLDs, and it is relatively easy to find a desired short and memorable domain name using New gTLDs. This important factor will definitely help businesses to score well in impression and memorability.
New gTLDs also allow businesses to upgrade their web address to be more creative and descriptive, showcasing their creativity and personality. This helps businesses to improve awareness and impression, an important factor for a successful business. The wide choice of New gTLDs also provides higher chances for businesses to find a more specific domain extension that suits them, and probably reduce the length of their website URL for increased impression.
New gTLDs can definitely benefit businesses in terms of exposure, awareness and creativity. It is a great opportunity for businesses to use New gTLDs to keep up and remain competitive in this new creative strategy. So, how should you choose a great domain name? Read here.

5. May help in SEO and search engine ranking

New gTLDs might help in SEO and improve search rankings. Although there is still debate whether New gTLDs are beneficial for a website or not, ideally it would be better for businesses to lock their desired New gTLDs domain first. The reason is because Google changes its algorithm quite often and there is no telling whether Google will soon favour New gTLDs or not. It would not hurt to register first, just in case Google surprises all of us!
Another possibility that New gTLDs are ideal for search engine, is that a website using them tends to create more attraction and curiosity, possibly resulting in higher visits. The number of visitors to a website is also a ranking factor, and with increased visits, Google might just identify a business’ website as a trusted and reliable website and ranks it higher. This indirectly boosts the website’s SEO and search engine ranking.
New gTLDs also help in identifying with a local community. Most of them are pretty specific, such as geolocation New gTLDs like “.london”, “.taipei”, “.vegas” etc. Is a business providing design services in London? Then tell potential customers this at a glance with Is a business offering marketing services in Taipei? Use In the future Google might do wonders for domains like these, since it spent $25 million to acquire .app back in 2015.
It is still early to determine whether New gTLDs will provide a positive effect for SEO and search engine rankings. However, it is always better for businesses to lock in their desired domain name first. Just in case, Google surprises us, at least the business is already on the wagon. Advise your customers to quickly go and register their desired New gTLDs domains, and here are some tips to choose a great domain name.


It is an exciting time now with the availability of New gTLDs! They provide huge branding opportunities for all businesses, allow the audience to understand a website at a quick glance, provide a chance for brands to grow beyond their core offers, leave a strong and lasting impression for the audience and can indirectly boost customer engagement for the benefits of SEO. If there are any businesses not on the New gTLDs wagon yet, they better hurry! With so many benefits, it would not be a mistake for businesses to use New gTLDs for an exciting time ahead!

Why Transfer a Domain? Things to Look Out If You Want to Migrate a Domain 16

Why Transfer a Domain? Things to Look Out If You Want to Migrate a Domain

If you already have a great domain name, but you are not so sure what services your registrar is offering, or you are unsatisfied with your current registrar. You will be considering transferring the domain to another registrar.

There are a number of reasons why domain owners want to transfer their domain from one to another. But, transferring a domain could be a scary thing and there are certain things you will need to check out before you migrate your domain.

See below to understand more about what to look out for before migrating domain:

  1. Price

It is crucial that the domain owner looks at the price structure of the domain registrar because every registrar offers different pricing strategies for different services they are offering in the market. Some registrars might charge additional fees on “extra-value services”, while other registrars may offer the “extra-value services” for free. It could be an extra cost for the domain owners if the service is a need for their business. Also, another example about the pricing strategies that domain owners need to be aware is, some registrars have the lowest price in the market for the first year term compared with other registrars, but they will charge higher rates on their renewal terms for the upcoming year, which is why WebNIC advises users to conduct a calculation for total costs before they sign up or migrate their domain to a new registrar.

  1. User-Friendliness

Everyone has to start somewhere; nobody would like to spend hours on the system interface just to set up their domain names because the platform is not user-friendly.

Technology is getting more advanced every day, and the public demands a user-friendly system that can respond to them quickly. It is pointless to transfer a domain to another registrar if their platform is difficult to understand and use.

Slowly, it has become one of the primary reasons why people want to transfer their domain to another registrar. Neither beginners nor existing market users would like to manage their domains on a difficult platform. Users sometimes prefer to pay an extra amount for a user-friendly platform because generally, it will be much better if the platform is easier to navigate.

  1. Customer Support

A good customer support is definitely what you need, you might not need to use it all the time but you definitely want it to be easily available when you need it, as well as being responsive and helpful. You do not want your domain hanging there and staying in an offline mode for a long time, as it might affect your brand’s online presence (people might think this website is not legit at all) and they might exit your website without buying any products or services, which eventually leads to a loss of customers. In other words, the longer your domain has an issue, the more customers you will lose.

That is why you will want a support team to fix your issue as fast as possible. However, almost all of the registrars are offering the same kind of customer support services such as 24/7 customer service and Live Chat feature. The good news is, we can actually experience it before we transfer a domain to them. We can experience their customer support level by sending inquiries to them, and identify their customer support level by knowing how their follow up skill is, is they respond fast or is their product knowledge good enough. We at WebNIC provide quality customer support because our partners are our priorities. With a global presence, we assign dedicated account managers for each region and ensure the quality of our customer support for partners from every region.

In WebNIC, we offer world-class sales and services to our partners, as an internationally recognized brand with an unbeatable wholesale price that comes with a comprehensive domain name management suite, packed with seamless and complete integration. If you would like to transfer your domains to WebNIC and request a price list, feel free to send your inquiries to [email protected] for an answer.

.id – The Next International Domain 17

.id – The Next International Domain

.id is the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Indonesia. Anyone can register .id for their own business regardless of the types of products and services. .id is suitable for all kinds of activities, people, events and organizations related to Indonesia. It can also increase Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performance for Indonesian market. Hence, it is the best choice of domain for your clients who intend to expand their business to Indonesia.

.id is available to everyone without any restrictions. It is short and easy to remember. Other than being the country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Indonesia, .id also brings the meaning of “identity”. It is very suitable for any businesses related with identity and information such as security, database and other related industries. A unique identity always plays an important role in differentiating yourself from others in the same industry or field. You may expose the best qualities of your identity to the public with .id easily.

Since the introduction of .id domain in 1993 until now, the domain registrations for .id have been consistently growing. As .id is becoming one of the most famous Top Level Domain, it is the best time to grab .id for your clients now to expose their best identity to everyone! Make haste to get the .id from WebNIC. Do not hesitate to contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

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