Prepare for a Price Hike: .COM Domain Prices Set to Increase on September 1, 2023


If you own or plan to register a .COM domain, there’s an important announcement you need to be aware of—Verisign, the registry responsible for managing .COM domains have announced that they will be increasing the prices for these domains starting in September 2021. This will be the third consecutive year of price hikes, affecting all registrars’ new registrations, renewals, and transfers. With more increases coming in the year 2026 to 2029. 

Prepare for a Price Hike: .COM Domain Prices Set to Increase on September 1, 2023 1

Understanding the price increase and its implications

As one of the most well-known and widely used domain extensions on the Internet, .COM domains are now necessary for enterprises, organizations, and individuals. Verisign’s decision to increase prices will likely affect the domain industry. 

Prices have risen as part of the agreement between Verisign and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), which regulates domain registrations. As the registry operator for.COM, Verisign has the authority under the parameters of the agreement to increase prices. Consequently, domain registrars will have to modify their prices proportionately.

As September approaches, the domain registration industry is abuzz with rumours of a forthcoming .COM pricing increase. This increase affects all new.COM domain registrations, domain renewals, and domain transfers across all registrars. This is the third price increase under the current contract, suggesting that additional increases are going to happen between the year 2026 and 2029. The price increase for .COM domains will become effective on September 1st of each increase year.    

Prepare for a Price Hike: .COM Domain Prices Set to Increase on September 1, 2023 2

What to expect from the price increase

The 7% increase from the standard price is anticipated to be moderate. However, even a seemingly insignificant increase may build up over time, particularly for those with multiple domains or who intend to register new ones. This price increase may have a significant impact on the total expenses of website owners with portfolios. 

Prepare for a Price Hike: .COM Domain Prices Set to Increase on September 1, 2023 3

Taking action to secure yours .COM domains

If you own a .COM domain, the best course of action is to renew your domain before the price hike takes effect. Doing so can lock in the current price for the coming years, saving you from potential future increases. It’s prudent to secure your website’s online identity while avoiding extra costs in the long run. 

For those planning to register new .COM domains, it’s advisable to do so before the price increase on September 1, 2023. By acting proactively, you can benefit from the lower prices and ensure your online venture is financially protected. 

Prepare for a Price Hike: .COM Domain Prices Set to Increase on September 1, 2023 4

Considering alternative domain extensions

While .COM domains are undoubtedly popular; the price increase may prompt some individuals and businesses to explore alternative domain extensions. Over the years, the domain industry has expanded, and numerous new extensions, such as .NET, .ORG, .IO, and many others, have become available. These alternatives can be great options to consider, especially if the .COM price hike exceeds your budget or if you’re preferred .COM domain is already taken. 


Final thoughts

The impending price increase for .COM domains are a reminder that the online landscape is constantly evolving. To stay ahead in this digital world, being proactive and making informed decisions about your domain investments is essential. Whether you own a .COM domain or plan to register one, acting now will enable you to secure your online identity while minimizing costs. 

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