.FANS is available at WebNIC from 24 February 2020!

.FANS is available at WebNIC from 24 February 2020! 1

.FANS is Available Soon From WebNIC on 24 February 2020!

We are excited to announce the offer of .FANS New generic Top-level Domain (gTLD), starting on 24 February 2020. It is a domain best used by businesses or public figures to build rapport with their fans community on the vast Internet landscape. It connects the business or celebrity with their fans community to establish a close relationship. The most obvious benefit of using .FANS is its ability in identifying an exclusive social group for an entity, which is the official home for fellow fans. Through using .FANS, fellow fans can connect and share their passion with each other. It is suitable to be used across industries like entertainment, gaming, technology, automobile, retail, media, sports and many more. Any entity with a fan base should definitely use .FANS to connect and maintain a warm relationship with the fans community on the Internet.

Why Choose .FANS?

1. The Internet has become an important channel to maintain a warm relationship with fans.

The Internet is now a platform for getting updates and catching up with news from celebrities and business brands. Many fans communities use the Internet to read the story and get updates from their favourite celebrities, influencers or businesses. It is important for public figures and businesses to maintain a close relationship with fans, as things move so fast nowadays and losing attention is very fast, too. .FANS is the perfect domain name for public figures and businesses to interact with fans continuously. It is crucial for branding and catching attention through .FANS is a recommended approach.

2. It is an excellent opportunity to gather fans online.

.FANS is the perfect domain name to gather fans online. It acts as an invitation to encourage fans to join the community and share their passion with each other. It is perfect for a group of people who share a universal love for a specific individual, business or hobby. .FANS brings fans together to gather online in a unique and exclusive social space on the Internet and can also be used to act as the official channel to release news and updates. Public figures, businesses or any entity with a fan base should choose a domain name with .FANS to establish and gather fans online!

3. Strong global exposure and exclusiveness

.FANS is an intuitive word and easily understood by the public. It provides the possibility of a strong worldwide exposure and a feeling of unique exclusiveness to a business or an individual. Having a .FANS domain shows that the entity is serious in building rapport with fans and strives to achieve a strong global presence. It also gives the opportunity to impart an inclusive feeling for the fans community of the entity. Fans will feel they are a part of the community, and enjoy the exclusivity feeling and increased loyalty to the entity. It is precisely why .FANS domain is the recommended choice for any businesses or individuals who place the importance of their fans as a priority.

Register .FANS With WebNIC

WebNIC .FANS will be available for registration starting from 24 February 2020. Drop us an email at inquiry@webnic.cc or live chat with us for any inquiry now!

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