.TECH Domains Help Differentiate Tech Brands

.TECH Domains Help Differentiate Tech Brands 1

.TECH Domains Help Differentiate Tech Brands

.TECH has achieved a remarkable achievement for the last 5 years since its launch in March 2015. It has been a great journey for this New generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). It has resonated well with the tech communities internationally and is a popular domain choice for them. Even big brands are starting to love .TECH domain, such as CES (ces.tech), Intel (insight.tech), Viacom (viacom.tech) It is the perfect domain name to differentiate tech brands in the saturated Internet landscape. Some tech brands who are doing well with .TECH domain include innoviz.tech, aurora.tech and lightly.tech.

Why Should Tech Brands Differentiate Themselves With .TECH?

The most obvious benefit of using .TECH domain is its profound use across industries like retail, finance, media and across technologies like machine learning, autonomous solutions, blockchain and more. Tech brands no longer need to settle for dull domain names and instead get the opportunity to use business-relevant domain extension and brand themselves in whatever way they prefer.

Here Are Some Ways .TECH Differentiate Tech Brands

1. Reinforce Brand Positioning as a Technology Business
Brand positioning is an essential business strategy. It is crucial for any business to position its brand strategically so that it sends the right message to potential clients. For example, if a company offers technology solutions that are in demand. Using company.tech positions it strategically compared to company.com, drawing attention from the right audience.

2. Great Opportunity to Secure a Keyword Rich Domain Name
Choose a domain name with industry-relevant keywords. A new domain extension provides the chance to secure important industry keywords, which are no longer available on traditional domain names such as .com or .org. For example, cleanenergy.tech is more likely than cleanenergy.com to be available, and the business can secure the keywords “clean energy” using .TECH.

3. Increases Business Relevance in Your Website Address
Tech is an intuitive word and full of context in business and innovation. It is precisely why .TECH domain is a logical choice for tech brands to differentiate themselves from other businesses. For example, a brand name can go by Orange. If the brand’s website is www.orange.com or www.orange.tech, the former name clearly does not communicate business nature while the latter name clearly communicates it is a tech business. Using a .TECH domain extension clearly increases the context of the business.


.TECH is a great domain to differentiate tech brands. The meaning of the word helps them to stand out and identifies them as businesses changing the world with pioneering tech ideas. It is the perfect domain to build the future on. We are excited to see how these tech brands will change the world in the future, and .TECH is the best domain moving forward with them to innovate and improve our world.

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