Top 5 Tips for Your Business Domain

Top 5 Tips for Your Business Domain 1

Choosing a domain name is just like choosing an identity name for your business. It is undeniable that this is one of the crucial part that every business should aware of. In such competitive market today, picking a brand name that appears online is as important as picking a name offline. It involves high consideration and a lot of thought for business owner to do their research before choosing a domain name for their business. In this article, WebNIC will giving out 5 tips to business owner on what should they consider when they choosing domain name for their business.


No.1 – Keep It Short

Make sure your domain is as simple as possible. It is always good to have a short domain name to let your user easier to remember like, and for instance. Also, you may want to minimize the typo or misspelling for your domain name. Owning a long and complicated domain name may lead users to become more frustrated and stop searching for your brand if they mistype it or misspell it when they want to know you more, or worse if they land on the wrong site and have bad impression towards your brand.


No.2 – Make It Easy to Pronounce

Try to choose a domain name as easy as it pronounces like ABC. Try to look for domain name that is catchy and memorable, but make sure it’s relevant to what business industry that you are going in. Comes out with a few option for your domain names and share it with friends and family to see which one are more appealing and makes sense to others. Also, a catchy and memorable domain name could generate significant impact on word-of-mouth marketing. It helps your brand spread faster and makes your domain easy to remember.


No.3 – Check For The Domain Name Availability with

Once you have come out with few options for your domain name, the next step would be checking for the domain availability. Make sure the domain name you have selected is not trademarked, copyrighted or being used by another company. It might lead you to a legal mess that cost you a lot, as well as potentially losing the domain name. It is always be advise to check for the domain availability with to see if you preferred domain is available in the market or not. Insert your favourite domain in our WHOIS search, if the domain is available, you may want proceed to register it as quickly as you can before it gone. If the domain is own by other owner already, you may consider to contact and deal directly to negotiate with the domain name owner (usually this way will cost you a fortune) or you may look up your other options to check if its available for you.


No.4 – Make It Relevant with Your Business

If you are trying to have an easy, recognizable business domain name, .com is probably the best extension for you. You will be able to build up a very brand-able business domain name that your customers and network can share. However, domain extension like .com, .net and .org are the top 3 popular extension, which means chances of the availability of your website are getting lower. Fortunately, WebNIC offer variety of domain extension that can help your business getting niche to the relevant market, WebNIC offer other domain extension such as .baby for your online baby store, .me for own blogging or vlogging share and so on, you can now register different domain extension to get ever more relevant to your business ideas.


No.5 – Make It Easy to Recall

Similar with Tips No. 2, selecting a catchy and memorable business domain name is important. You might want to look for something that user could fully internalize, easy to remember, and pass along in a conversation. Try to avoid number and hyphenated words, they are distracting and annoying to the users. When you brainstorming for your business domain name, try to search it with Google or any search engine, imagine if the domain name is difficult to type or spell, you may lose a huge portion of your traffic. However, if you are not sure whether your domain name is catchy or memorable, always goes with the obvious options. A clear cut obvious domain could easily let users identify what is the core business, for example like, These are the domain name that is clear and obvious that others can easily identify and remember that.


Now that you have plenty of ideas on your domain names already, go and check to see if they are available on


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