What .tech Domain Achieved in Just 4 Short Years

What .tech Domain Achieved in Just 4 Short Years 1

What .tech Domain Achieved in Just 4 Short Years

.tech turns 4 this year and it has been a great journey for this New generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD). It stands out and speaks for the tech communities from all around the world, be it tech brands, start-ups, communities, individuals, events or tech initiatives. It is the perfect domain name for all things tech. It helps to differentiate a tech start-up brand from the millions of brands worldwide.

The Success of .tech

Radix, the registry behind the .tech New gTLD, published information on the achievements of .tech, showing its success is unique and on a league of its own. Not a single New gTLD is able to accomplish what .tech has, and we are willing to bet that there will not be one. In case you are wondering, below is a list of the achievements:

  1. According to CrunchBase, at least 170 start-ups on .tech were able to secure $2 billion Venture Capital funding between 2017 to 2019, the highest amongst nTLDs. These start-ups come from various industries, including auto, crypto, mobility, energy etc. Some of the top start-ups that succeed in securing VC funds on .tech include Aurora.tech , Innoviz.tech and Flit.tech.
  2.  As of June 2019, data from CrunchBase also shows that start-ups are using more than 250 new TLDs and .tech is the most popular among them, used by 650+ start-ups.
  3. .tech is associated with 30+ Premium Strategic Partners and has a staggering community reach of 40M+ , including top partners GitHub (35M+ members), Learn to Code With Me (500K+ listeners) and famous web development instructor Rob Percival (1.2M+ students).
  4. Over 400+ events and hackathons have been supported by .tech, reaching 100K+ techies around the world. Notable events include Consumer Electronics Show (CES.tech), JazzCon (JazzCon.tech) and StanHacks (StanHacks.tech).
  5. Endorsed by 60+ tech thought leaders, using .tech for their websites. The combined social reach of these thought leaders are a staggering 10M+ followers. Top tech gurus using .tech include Austin Evans (austin-evans.tech) with 5M+ social reach, Edgar (DealSource.tech) with 1.8M+ social reach and Dom Esposito (Dom.tech) with 500K+ social reach, just to name a few.

Suman Das, Director of Brand Operations at Radix, said, “Since its launch, there has been a steady organic uptake across the tech industry with start-ups, small tech businesses, thought leaders, pioneers, and communities adopting .tech domain extension for branding their online presence.”.

It is clear that .tech is highly popular and resonates well with the tech communities worldwide. Its popularity further increased when industry big names such as CES (ces.tech), Intel (insight.tech), Viacom (viacom.tech) decided to use .tech for their websites. It has become the preferred domain for technology start-ups because it speaks out their identity. It is available, short, easily recallable and brandable. Tech start-ups have the perfect opportunity to showcase their determination to change the world with their pioneering tech ideas using .tech.

“Our primary focus has always been to ensure that .tech is presented as an enabler of tech and product innovation to the growing community of technology enthusiasts, and to increase awareness of not just .tech but also the new top-level domains industry on the whole”, Suman Das further added.

Radix performed independent market research back in June 2019 among tech professionals and tech students. The results were very positive, and that one in two respondents was aware of .tech domain extension. They also found out that attributes such as credibility, uniqueness, and suitability for tech businesses are strongly associated with .tech domain extension.

When asked about the future of .tech domain extension, Suman Das added, “We will continue with our efforts to amplify the visibility for .tech amongst the tech ecosystem. With high-impact partnerships and adoption across the spectrum, we wish to make .tech the most sought-after domain extension in the global tech industry.”

.tech is 4 years old now, and is one of the premier domain extensions offered by Radix, along with .online, .store, .tech, .website, .space, .press, .site, .host, .fun, .uno and one re-purposed ccTLD, .pw. The total number of domains managed by Radix has surpassed 5 million as of July 2019. Radix is one of the few registries that obtains a huge success with its range of domain offerings, and we are eager to see how the future of .tech success will be like.

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