When to Buy an Organization Validated (OV) Certificate?

When to Buy an Organization Validated (OV) Certificate? 1

Assuming you are operating a traditional business trying to go online, or a small to medium-sized e-commerce enterprise that plans to publish contents, products or provides materials on a consistent basis, ensuring customer confidence in your site leads to good traffic and contributes to organic growth. To ensure that site visitors are safe when visiting your site you have decided to have SSL certificate on your site but with the various SSL certificates out in the market it can be difficult to determine which is the most suitable for your site.

When it comes to SSL certificates, it is vital to understand the goals of your website. As a small-medium enterprise, you might have probably heard of applying for an organization validation certificate to protect your website, but have some reservations due to the high price point. Let’s take a moment and have a look at the benefits of having an OV certificate.

OV certificates are considered a more secure SSL certificate for e-commerce businesses. That is because before the certificate authority (CA) grants an OV certificate a mandatory call to the requestor determines the applicant’s authenticity.

The CA verifies if the business adheres to the following features before issuing an OV certificate:

– It exists under the stipulated name
– Listed address of the business is genuine
– It owns the domain name

Once the CA verifies the above criteria to be genuine, the applicant receives an OV certificate and places it on the site.

The benefits of OV certificate

An OV cert displays name of the organization in the certificate. Listing the name of the organization confirms the existence of the organization, allows visitors to view and validate the ownership of the site, and verify that their private data securely transmits to the intended recipient. Hence, sites with an OV certificate are deemed to be more secure and trustworthy especially for websites conducting transactions online.

As more cybercriminals are conducting phishing scams online, it is up to website owners to be more vigilant in protecting their visitors who are conducting a transaction on their websites. Getting an OV certificate although expensive can potentially save you much money and safeguard your reputation in the market.

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