5 tips to build trust on your web store

5 tips to build trust on your web store 1

1) Include detailed information about your company

When buying things online, the biggest concern of customers is whether it is a legit company behind the website, and how can they contact the company if they encounter problem. Thus, the best way to prove that you run a legitimate business is by including a detailed company and contact information on the “About Us” and “Contact Us” page. It will definitely boost their confidence and trust towards your web store.

Many web stores provide only a contact form or a generic email address, visitors may feel sketchy about it. Make sure that your company’s telephone number and physical address are also included and can be easily found by customers.

State the year of establishment of your company, describe your company’s leadership and staff, and provide more information about your product sources. All these factor plays important roles to help your customer decide if they can trust your web store.

2) Add a “Money-Back Guarantee” policy to your web store

Having an excellent return policy will sure help to increase customer trust towards your online store. Customers wants to know what they can do if they receive your product with bad condition. This is especially true when your web store are selling product that is not cheap.

A “Money-Back Guarantee” shows how confident you are about your product. It encourage your visitors to go ahead and make a purchase by lowering the potential risk that your customers assume, as customer will feel more secure to buy from a website that has this policy.

Typically, a 30-day refund policy will be sufficient.

3) Build a strong customer service team

According to surveys, customers would rather choose to buy from an online store that has a great customer service, than an online store with poor customer service. From this, it can be seen that having a knowledgeable and responsive customer service team is the key. Customers prefer an online store that always have somebody to answer the questions they had, to give advice on action, and to solve problems they encounter.

Make sure yourself or your customer service team are always available for customer inquiries. Use instant messaging chats on your website, hire the best people to provide professional support. It’s important to answer inquires as quickly and possible.

4) Testimonials is important

You should know that comments in the testimonials and reviews is 10 times more convincing than what said about yourself. Testimonials helps your customer to better understand your product, more than that, it give credibility to your online store as it prove that you had delivered the actual product to your customers, and your customers are satisfied with it.

So, start requesting your happy customers to post online reviews. Make sure the people that comments are real, ask them to upload their photo and information properly. Don’t be afraid to receive negative reviews, you can learn and adjust your offerings based on the negative reviews. You can even publicly respond to negative comments in a good manner in order to showcase your efforts of giving them the best quality of service you can.

5) The SSL Certificate

Last but not least, an SSL certificate is more important than you think. Most of the major browser especially Google Chrome had their punishment on websites which do not have an SSL certificate. If Chrome puts a “Not Secure” label right beside your URL address bar, it will definitely distrust your visitors. Hence, having an SSL certificate is essential for every online store in order to avoid the unwanted damage to your reputation.

5 tips to build trust on your web store 2

If you had an Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate, it will be a different story. EV certificate is a proof to every visitor that a legit company is behind the online store. Once it is issued, the famous green bar that contains your company name will be displayed before your URL.

5 tips to build trust on your web store 3

This green icon will give users an added layer of confidence and significantly improve their trust towards your online store. EV certificate is the hallmark of the highest level of security, this is the reason why EV are mostly used by large companies and online (e-commerce) stores.

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