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A million-dollar question: why are pornographic websites always in high traffic volume? It’s no secret that the internet is flooded with explicit content, and it is obviously that there is a significant demand for it. The popularity of such websites is backed by data from various sources. According to sources from SimilarWeb, a leading digital market intelligence company, pornography websites consistently rank in the top 20 most-visited websites globally. In fact, some of the most popular pornographic websites receive billions of visits per month. Similarly, SEMrush, a SEO Management site, found that searches for pornography-related contents are among the top searched terms on search engines worldwide.

Before we dive into the specifics of the AdultBlock function, let’s take a moment to appreciate the creative (and sometimes downright inappropriate) domain names that pornographic websites use. From “.adult”, “.porn”, .sex; these are the typical example of adult-themed Top-Level Domains (TLDs). These websites spare no effort in coming up with eye-catching and attention-grabbing domain names. And let’s not forget about the domain name extension, which can range from the standard “.com” to the more risqué “.xxx” or “.porn.”

The AdultBlock service is a domain protection tool that blocks unauthorized domain registrations in the adult-themed top-level domains (TLDs): .adult, .porn, .sex, and .xxx. Domain owners can prevent anyone else from registering domain names in the four TLDs that contain above mentioned term. This helps to protect their brand, reputation, and online presence from being associated with adult-themed content, which can be detrimental to businesses and individuals alike.


AdultBlock service provides a valuable tool for domain protection in the adult-themed TLDs. By preventing unauthorized domain registrations and enforcing strict monitoring and enforcement measures, users can safeguard their online presence and reputation from potentially damaging associations with adult-themed content.

Robust Domain Protection

Domain protection is the key to protecting your online identity and digital branding, while optimizing user experience – without compromise. With the right domain protection tools and strategies, you can establish a strong online presence that reflects your values, engages your audience, and stands the test of time.

The AdultBlock service provides robust protection for your brand and online presence in several ways. Here are top four key benefits of the usage:

Protecting your brand from reputation damage

By blocking unauthorized domain registrations in the adult-themed TLDs, the AdultBlock service helps prevent your brand from being associated with adult-themed content. This could be especially important for businesses or individuals with a family-friendly brand image, as association with adult content can damage their reputation and credibility.

Preventing cybersquatting


Cybersquatting is the act of registering a domain name that is similar to a trademarked or well-known brand with the intent to profit from it. The AdultBlock service helps prevent cybersquatting by blocking unauthorized domain registrations that contain your brand name or other trademarked terms.

Guarding against phishing and malicious code

Cybercriminals often use domain names that are similar to well-known brands or businesses to launch phishing attacks or distribute malware. The AdultBlock service can help guard against these threats by blocking unauthorized domain registrations that could be used for phishing or to distribute malicious code.

It blocks all unauthorized domain registrations of the submitted term in the adult-themed TLDs, including premium domain names. This means that users don’t have to pay extra to block premium domain names that could potentially be used for malicious purposes.


Safeguarding your brand's intellectual property

It helps protect your brand’s intellectual property by preventing unauthorized use of your brand name or other trademarked terms in the adult-themed TLDs. A brand’s intellectual property refers to the intangible assets that are associated with the brand, such as trademarks, copyrights, and patents. These assets are often a company’s most valuable assets and can be protected through legal means to prevent others from using or profiting from them without authorization.


In summary, the AdultBlock service provides comprehensive protection for your brand and online presence in the adult-themed TLDs. By preventing unauthorized domain registrations, enforcing strict monitoring and enforcement measures, and blocking premium domain names at no additional cost, the AdultBlock service can help safeguard your brand’s reputation, intellectual property, and online presence.