.bond is a Premium Domain for Financial or Relationship

.bond is a Premium Domain for Financial or Relationship 1

What is .BOND?

.BOND is a new generic Top-level Domain (gTLD) extension launched in November 2019 by ShortDot SA, the registry which made .ICU a huge success. It is a premium domain extension, where the financial industry and online world meet. It represents the financial instrument bond, and it also represents a force/feeling that unites. It is perfect for financial industry professionals or showcasing strong bonds (relationship). It is specifically created and made for today’s financial industry, especially the field of bonds and investments. There are also some users who use .BOND to showcase their special bonds with their friends, family and even pet animals. You get to decide how to use your .BOND domain!


Who is .BOND for?

.BOND is ideal for financial service providers, financial advisors, investors, investment groups, cryptocurrency entities, accountants, loan companies and many other financial institutions such as banks, bond traders, brokers etc. It is an incredible online opportunity for any financial services companies. When they choose .BOND to the right of the dot, website visitors know instantly they are working with a financial professional they can trust and that they mean business. Encourage your customers who are in the financial service industry to start making bonds and building a closer connection with their audience, by using .BOND to position themselves as an expert in the field.

.BOND is also crafted for any individuals or entities in the financial services industry. It is also perfect for financial professionals, individuals and entrepreneurs who wish to showcase their clearly-defined brand for themselves. They can launch their next big idea on .BOND as it is convenient for customers and clients to remember them. It helps them to build their reputation on the right online real estate. Examples include market analyst or an investor looking to build his own personal brand and shooting for the stars.

.BOND is the right domain choice for any individuals or businesses as it adds a powerful word to the web address. It sends a strong and positive signal to users, which will reinforce the impression they have of the website and it indirectly helps them understand the benefits they receive when working with the individual or company. .BOND links clients to the experts they are looking for, reinforcing the impression of a trusted and stable financial solution provider.

.BOND is also preferred by individuals who want to showcase years of special bonding with their family, friends and even pet animals. It is an extremely meaningful life experience for them and is simply irreplaceable, which is why it deserves a special showcase of its own. .BOND is the perfect fit for such a purpose, especially for creative, loving and attentive individuals. They can use .BOND to create a long-lasting bond and memory to unite them with the ones they love and care for. It empowers them and motivates them to appreciate the beauty of these life experiences.


What Makes .BOND Unique?

  1. Short and easy to remember

.BOND domain extension is short, easy to understand and memorable. It helps people to gain a stronger impression.

  1. Professional

.BOND is professional and shows users that the individual or business is serious and an expert. It provides a professional and reliable impression.

  1. Credible

.BOND helps businesses to build a credible reputation. It shows users that it is safe and trustworthy and they can deal with the individual and business without worries.

  1. Premium

.BOND looks and feels premium. It builds a premium impression for financial experts when communicating with their clients.

  1. Brandable

.BOND has less name competition and offers a high chance to secure a desirable and brandable domain name. It is perfect for building a strong brand distinction.


Register .BOND with WebNIC

.BOND offers the professionalism that financial service professionals require when dealing with clients. It is credible, trustworthy and gives out a sense of premium. WebNIC is honoured to announce that we will be partnering with ShortDot SA to offer .BOND to you, starting from 23 June 2020. We hope the new .BOND domain can increase the value you deliver to potential clients. Secure your .BOND identity today with WebNIC, the premium online real estate for financial service providers. There is only a limited quantity of high-quality .bond names, make sure to secure yours on the launch date. Many big brands are already scrambling to secure the best domain names, such as American Express, J.P. Morgan, Google, Amazon, 3M, Oracle and more. Register yours as soon as possible because having the right domain name for your business is critical to your success. We are a trusted domain registrar with more than 20 years of experience in the domain wholesale and reseller service. We offer a wide range of domains to help our partners to become a domain reseller and grow their domain business with us. Email us at [email protected] if you need more info on .BOND.


About WebNIC

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