.CYOU Domain – Looks Cool, Feels Cool for New Gen

.CYOU Domain - Looks Cool, Feels Cool for New Gen 1

What is .CYOU?

.CYOU is a new generic Top-level Domain (gTLD) extension launched by ShortDot SA, the leading new Top-level Domain registry behind the hugely successful domain extension, .ICU. It stands for the short form of “See You” and communicates the message of “We See You” to all. It is specially crafted and made for today’s digital natives, and is well-suited for this generation’s thinkers and influencers.


Who is .CYOU for?

.CYOU is perfect for creative individuals, visionary influencers and innovative entrepreneurs. It helps these people to showcase their talents, ideas and dedication to change and shape the world on the Internet. It also empowers them to continue doing what they are best at, while motivating them to move forward knowing in mind that the public is watching them on the Internet, with “We see you”!

.CYOU is also a perfect domain name for any business brands to embrace innovation through modern social media platforms, such as Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok. It is perfect for brands which target young audiences, to resonate with them, as well as to speak in their unique way of communication.

.CYOU empowers Gen Z, who believe in the values of independence, diversity and inclusivity. It is a domain name for those who never know a world without Internet, who grew up with smartphones and memes and speak in fluent and unique emoji. It is for true digital natives, who are technologically-advanced, open-minded and doing things in smarter ways while rewriting the rules.


What Makes .CYOU Unique?

1. Innovative

.CYOU domain extension shows people that you are innovative and go against the norm

2. Memorable

Short and easy to spell makes .CYOU a memorable domain, which helps you to stand out in the vast Internet landscape.

3. Agnostic

.CYOU is contextual and unrestricted to geography, language or industry. No usage limitations and easy to be understood by all.

4. Scalable

Helps businesses to expand and scale to target the younger target audiences, opening a whole new different market opportunity and segment.

5. Smart

Looks and feels cool. A smart abbreviation for “See You”.

6. Brandable

A great opportunity for brand distinction. Less name competition to secure your desired brandable domain name.

To summarise, .CYOU is perfect for Gen Z, who might become the next social media sensation, as well as young aspiring entrepreneurs banking on their talents and passion. In addition, it is also perfect for cool new brand that resonates with them and speak in their language.


Register .CYOU with WebNIC

We believe .CYOU has the potential to fare well and become a popular TLD for many people, as indicated by .ICU, the number one new gTLD with more than 6 million domain names registered as of the time of writing. WebNIC is honoured to announce that we will be partnering with ShortDot SA to offer .CYOU to you from 23 June 2020. Stay tune! We want to help you to deliver more value to your clients by offering .CYOU, with a potential to be successful like .ICU. Register .CYOU with WebNIC, a trusted domain registrar with more than 20 years of experience in the domain wholesale and reseller service. We offer a wide range of domains to help our partners to become a domain reseller and grow their domain business with us. Email us at [email protected] if you need more info on .CYOU.


About WebNIC

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