Things to Look Out If You Want to Migrate a Domain

Things to Look Out If You Want to Migrate a Domain 1

If you already have a great domain name, but you are not so sure what services your registrar is offering, or you are unsatisfied with your current registrar. You will be considering transferring the domain to another registrar.

There are a number of reasons why domain owners want to transfer their domain from one to another. But, transferring a domain could be a scary thing and there are certain things you will need to check out before you migrate your domain.

See below to understand more about what to look out for before migrating domain:

  1. Price

It is crucial that the domain owner looks at the price structure of the domain registrar because every registrar offers different pricing strategies for different services they are offering in the market. Some registrars might charge additional fees on “extra-value services”, while other registrars may offer the “extra-value services” for free. It could be an extra cost for the domain owners if the service is a need for their business. Also, another example about the pricing strategies that domain owners need to be aware is, some registrars have the lowest price in the market for the first year term compared with other registrars, but they will charge higher rates on their renewal terms for the upcoming year, which is why WebNIC advises users to conduct a calculation for total costs before they sign up or migrate their domain to a new registrar.

  1. User-Friendliness

Everyone has to start somewhere; nobody would like to spend hours on the system interface just to set up their domain names because the platform is not user-friendly.

Technology is getting more advanced every day, and the public demands a user-friendly system that can respond to them quickly. It is pointless to transfer a domain to another registrar if their platform is difficult to understand and use.

Slowly, it has become one of the primary reasons why people want to transfer their domain to another registrar. Neither beginners nor existing market users would like to manage their domains on a difficult platform. Users sometimes prefer to pay an extra amount for a user-friendly platform because generally, it will be much better if the platform is easier to navigate.

  1. Customer Support

A good customer support is definitely what you need, you might not need to use it all the time but you definitely want it to be easily available when you need it, as well as being responsive and helpful. You do not want your domain hanging there and staying in an offline mode for a long time, as it might affect your brand’s online presence (people might think this website is not legit at all) and they might exit your website without buying any products or services, which eventually leads to a loss of customers. In other words, the longer your domain has an issue, the more customers you will lose.

That is why you will want a support team to fix your issue as fast as possible. However, almost all of the registrars are offering the same kind of customer support services such as 24/7 customer service and Live Chat feature. The good news is, we can actually experience it before we transfer a domain to them. We can experience their customer support level by sending inquiries to them, and identify their customer support level by knowing how their follow up skill is, is they respond fast or is their product knowledge good enough. We at WebNIC provide quality customer support because our partners are our priorities. With a global presence, we assign dedicated account managers for each region and ensure the quality of our customer support for partners from every region.

In WebNIC, we offer world-class sales and services to our partners, as an internationally recognized brand with an unbeatable wholesale price that comes with a comprehensive domain name management suite, packed with seamless and complete integration. If you would like to transfer your domains to WebNIC and request a price list, feel free to send your inquiries to [email protected] for an answer.