Free Thai IDN .TW Domain Name Giveaways by WebNIC


WebNIC, an ICANN accredited domain registrar with 20 years of experience in the domain industry

Singapore, March 25, 2020 /Open PR/ — WebNIC, Southeast Asia’s leading domain registrar, has partnered with Taiwan domain registry Taiwan Network Information Centre (TWNIC) to run a program that gives away free Thai IDN .TW domain to aspiring Thai business and website owners. Through the partnership, WebNIC will help propel the awareness of a localised Thai language domain name among Thailand’s fast-growing online community.

WebNIC is the first domain registrar in the SEA region to serve the Thai community a free Thai IDN .TW domain name. With 20 years of extensive experience in the domain name industry, WebNIC is in a well-established position to promote the awareness of Thai IDN .TW domain name. WebNIC possesses a rich marketing experience and a vast network of 5,000 resellers, which will come in very useful to encourage the Thai community to use a localised Thai language domain name.

“The program aims to promote awareness of a Thai domain name among the digital nation of Thailand and to educate them about the benefits of using a localised Thai domain name for their businesses and websites,” said TK Tan, CEO of WebNIC. He also commented that, “We are honoured to be chosen by TWNIC as the party to help them in promoting and encouraging the use of a Thai IDN .TW domain, and we will use our extensive experience to the best of our ability to make the program a success.”

WebNIC’s mission is to help resellers grow their businesses through high-value propositions. They see this program as an excellent opportunity for their resellers to increase their profits, as it is virtually zero cost for them to promote Thai IDN .TW domain names. WebNIC also states that they have invited interested resellers from their resellers network to join in the program to enhance and double their marketing initiatives to encourage the Thai community to register for a free Thai IDN .TW domain name.

In this challenging time due to the Covid-19 pandemic, WebNIC hopes to help individuals whose income has been impacted by providing free domain registration. WebNIC encourages them to make the effort to learn how to do business online and a domain registration is the first step.

About WebNIC

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