WebNIC Launches New Program to Help Partners Earn More Income in Easy Steps


Top Quote The program, WebNIC Marketing Affiliate, aims to help WebNIC’s partners to fully utilise their websites’ potential for monetization. End Quote

Singapore, Sep. 14, 2020 /1888 Press Release/ — Web Commerce Communications Limited (dba WebNIC), a prominent registrar in the domain name industry with more than 20 years of experience, has just launched a new program for its partners. The program is named WebNIC Marketing Affiliate, and it is an initiative by WebNIC to empower its partners in earning more income through their websites. The program allows WebNIC’s partners to add a new income stream to their business, where they sign up as an affiliate and join campaigns in promoting various products by WebNIC, including domain name extensions, SSL certificates, web security services, email & cloud services, trademark protection, as well as digital brand management.

Through this program, WebNIC encourages its partners to make full use of their websites’ space. It encourages partners to convert available space on their website into an income generating space by using it to show promotion banners. Furthermore, in order to provide convenience to its partners in joining this program, WebNIC has also prepared in place several tools to help them get started. The tools include beautiful, done-for-partners promotion banners, an easy-to-use online dashboard and email support to improve its partners’ experience.

WebNIC believes that with the introduction of this new program, it will provide value to its partners and help them to accelerate the growth of their business. It states that the opportunity to gain extra incentive payouts in cash from this new program is beneficial for its partners. It also mentions that its partners will enjoy a quick process time for all their campaigns and incentive payouts. They also have a high degree of flexibility in choosing to join the campaigns of the new program, as there are many campaign choices. Most importantly, WebNIC says they have made it easy and convenient to advertise, therefore this will attract its partners and they are more likely to join the new program.

WebNIC is optimistic that its new program, WebNIC Marketing Affiliate, will receive a positive response from its network of over 5,000 partners worldwide. It is a value-added service to help them increase their businesses’ income stream, thus it is an opportunity to earn more income. Most importantly, it is easy to get started. If you need more info about WebNIC’s new program, visit this link here!

About WebNIC

WebNIC operates a digital reseller platform covering primarily domain name registration for 600 TLDs, web security services, email and cloud services. With offices in Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Beijing, Taipei and Jakarta, it serves 5,000 active resellers in over 70 countries. With 20 years’ experience, WebNIC accelerates its reseller’s growth through a robust platform, attentive support and wholesale pricing. Please visit https://www.webnic.cc/ for more information or email them at [email protected].

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