WebNIC Rolls Out Special Marketing Programme for .INC Domain


WebNIC Launches New Special Marketing Programme for .INC Domain

Singapore, Jan. 20, 2021 /Open PR/ — Operating in the domain industry for more than 20 years, a Southeast Asia region domain registrar, Web Commerce Communications Limited (dba WebNIC), has just recently rolled out a new special marketing programme for its partners to encourage them to promote and build awareness for .INC domain. WebNIC hopes that the programme can help them in catering to the needs of .INC from businesses, corporations, as well as anyone who is interested, whether they are incorporated or simply value the professional meaning of the “INC” ending.

.INC was launched in March 2019. It is the perfect domain ending that means business, which is well-suited for businesses of all sizes and scales. There are millions of business names globally that end with “Inc” and now their online identity can end with .INC, too. WebNIC is confident in the value that a .INC domain delivers to businesses, therefore it has taken a quick approach to connect its system to the respective domain registry, in order to enable its 5,000 partners to quickly offer .INC registration service, which in turn will assist them to deliver value to their customers.

In addition, WebNIC also stated in its blog that the value of a .INC domain lies in how the .INC registry has taken the approach to position .INC as a premium domain extension. The average retail price for registering .INC is in the range of US$2,000 per year, and there is a very good reason behind this. The steep price is an effective attempt to ensure .INC domains are more available for businesses anytime, without having to worry about cybersquatting of their own brand names, especially if they are famous brands which have trademarked names.

.INC domain launch has been successful as it has received much attention from many of the world’s most valuable brands. In fact, many of them registered their .INC domain, ranging from Fortune 500 corporations to celebrities, and even to small and medium businesses. It shows the universal understanding and familiarity with .INC is well-received across many industries and countries, especially in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan. The success of .INC is no surprise, because it is specially crafted for business, it is short and memorable, and it looks great with any names.

WebNIC’s new .INC marketing programme will benefit their partners a lot. It motivates them to promote awareness and increase visibility of .INC, deliver value to their customers, as well as make the process less challenging. It is now a great opportunity to join WebNIC as a partner to resell .INC domain. Get more info here, https://www.webnic.cc/webnic-inc-special-marketing-programme/.

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